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Скачать The Syntax of Ke-Clause and Clausal Extraposition бесплатно

The Syntax of Ke-Clause and Clausal Extraposition
in Modern Persian

Author: Behrad Aghaei
Publisher: The University of Texas at Austin
Publication date: 2006
Number of pages: 244
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 1.0 Mb
Ke-clauses (CPs) in Persian can be proposition-denoting or property- denoting. Proposition-denoting ke-clauses can combine directly with a predicate or appear embedded in a DP. CPs embedded in a DP can be preverbal or postverbal but unembedded CPs can only appear postverbally.

A further option consists of a postverbal CP associated with a preverbal DP. We show that postverbal CPs associated with a preverbal DP pattern with CPs embedded in a DP with respect to complementizer optionality and extractability.

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