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Скачать Languages course vol. 01-10 by The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and Glenn Doman бесплатно

http//photoload.ru/data/be/a2/74/bea274dd9c29a2928ccf211b52750f_pv.jpg http//photoload.ru/data/17/47/d1/1747d1fa8599d2bd102ce1e8b8ee2399_pv.jpg

Languages course vol. 01-10 by The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and Glenn Doman
OS: Windows 98, XP,Vista
RAM: 256 Mb
Video: 32 Mb

Dictionary CD-ROM, vol. 01-10 by The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and Glenn Doman.
Each volume of Picture Dictionary CD-ROM contains fifteen categories of ten BIT OF INTELLIGENCEZ images.
Each can be shown to your child in five different languages, including English, Japanese, French, Spanish and Italian.
You can show your child the words, or the pictures, or both!

Instruction: download, unrar, mount or burn.

More information about courses and materials see on www.IAHP.org

Countries of the World, National Flags, Colors, Birds, Fruit, Musical Instruments, Mammals, Flowers & Blossoms, Fish of the Sea, Musical Symbols, Chemical Elements, Constellations, Human Skeletal System, Mathematical Symbols, Reptiles

Rapidshare, 43 mb

Sports Equipment, Pictorial Signs, Vegetables, Minerals
Dogs, Shapes, Mammals, Transportation, Tropical Fish, Flowers, Sea Creatures, Dots,Spanish Speaking Countries, Human Skeletal System, National Flags

Rapidshare, 47 mb

Clothing, Works of Renoir, Dinosaurs, Things in the Kitchen, Architectural Masterpieces, Time, Digestive System, Carpentry Tools, Computer, Insects, Composers, Flowers in Spring, National Flags, Birds, Fish of the Sea

Rapidshare, 62 mb

In the House, Nature, Parts of the Eye, Mammals, Dinosaurs, Gardening Tools, Nuts, Flowers in Summer, Works of van Gogh, National Flags, Planets and Satellites, Tableware, Sports, Monuments, Vegetables

Rapidshare, 73 mb

Clothing,Works of Monet, Galaxies, Dining Room, National Flags, Mammals, Herbs, Painting Tools, Architectural Masterpieces, Insects, Transportation, Gemstones, Fruit, Weather Symbols, Leaves

Rapidshare, 72 mb

Works of Leonardo da Vinci, Parts of the Brain, Whales, Countries of Africa, Camping Equipment, Cats, Ships, Vegetables, Places of Interest in the World, Fish of the Sea, Flowers, Musical Instruments, Optical Instruments, National Flags, Dots

Rapidshare, 75 mb

Works of Gaugin, Parts of a Fish, Places of Interest in Europe, Sports, Writing or Craft Tools, Jewelry, Dogs, Natural Phenomena, Baking Utensils, Rivers of the World, Birds, Human Skeletal System, Herbs, National Flags, Dots

Rapidshare, 81 mb

Mammals, Parts of the Heart, Lakes of North America, U.S. Currency, Household Items, Classic Cars, Wild Plants, Constellations, Birds, Reptiles, Places of Interest in the U.S., Mountain Ranges of the World, Muscles, National Flags and Dots

Rapidshare, 82 mb

Works of Goya, Parts of a Butterfly, Ruins and Remains, Peninsulas of the World, Dogs, Gymnastics, Freshwater Fish, Fruit, Musical Instruments, Fossils, House Plants, Muscles, Minerals, National Flags, Dots

Rapidshare, 76 mb

Works of Botticelli, Parts of a Flower, Statues and Memorials, Countries of Europe, Musical Instruments, Mammals, Cats, Butterflies, Moons, Birds, Flowers, Electrical Appliances, Shells, National Flags, Places of Interest in Europe

Rapidshare, 92 mb


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