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Скачать Global Access Mastering Italian бесплатно

Globall Access Mastering Italian
Publisher: Penton Overseas
Format / Quality: PDF + MP3
Size: 610MB
Mastering Italian © Global Access
Publisher: Penton Overseas

Mastering Italian - Conversation 1 - Social & Travel
Mastering Italian - Conversation 2 - Social & Travel
Mastering Italian - Conversation 3 - Social & Travel
Mastering Italian - Conversation 4 - Business
Mastering Italian - Vocabulary 1 - Nouns
Mastering Italian - Vocabulary 2 - Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions
Mastering Italian - Vocabulary 3 - Expressions
Mastering Italian - Vocabulary 4 - Verbs
Mastering Italian - Italian Immersion
Mastering Italian - Traverler's Survival Kit


Features: Conversation: Teaches language usage, sentence structure, grammar plus useful vocabulary. Self-paced and interactive. Vocabulary: Learn over 1500 additional words and phrases to add power to your new language: Nouns & Verbs - the basics! Immersion: As good as being there! This collection of conversations with 2-3 speakers heard at both a normal and a slow-speaking pace significantly improves comprehension and develops a sense of the rhythm of the target language.

The vocabulary part seems to be the same set as the VocabuLearn Italian (from the same publisher), but I am not 100% sure.
Appareantly with "Global Access" they bring a more complete set of the different sets they also sell seperately.

Anyway, have fun learning Italian!

Remarks: The first 7 links are the files on Mediafire
The last 7 links are the same files on Megaupload

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