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Скачать Instant Immersion Italian DeLuxe бесплатно

Instant Immersion Italian DeLuxe
Publication date: 2005
Format / Quality: MP3
Size: 365MB
Instant Immersion Italian Deluxe is an eight-CD suite, offering 300 hours of beginner, intermediate, and advanced Tell Me More tutoring on five CD-ROMs. Each interactive lesson utilizes the Spoken Error Tracking System, which monitors your pronunciation and intonation. With entertaining instruction on 20 key lessons including vocabulary grammar and phonetics you will quickly start speaking reading and writing Italian. Round out your study with three bonus Instant Immersion audio CDs focusing on vocabulary building.

Remarks: The first 4 links are the files on Megaupload.
The last 4 files are the same files on Ifile.it


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