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Скачать Toward a reference grammar of Tok Pisin бесплатно

Toward a reference grammar of Tok Pisin: An experiment in corpus linguistics
Author: John W. M. Verhaar
Publisher: University of Hawa'ai Press
Publication date: 1995
ISBN: 0-8248-1672-2
Number of pages: 480
Format / Quality: PDF Excellent
Size: 41 Mb
The present book has been composed with specific purposes and with a specific readership in mind.

The readership this book addresses is rather more comprehensive than that of professional linguists only. Uppermost in my mind have been nationals of Papua New Guinea who, for whatever reason, are interested in consulting a detailed grammar of Tok Pisin.

Their number comprises, apart from linguists, a large number of other highly educated people: public servants, large numbers of those working in education at all levels, experts in the free professions, church leaders, editors, and no doubt many others who, for reasons of their own, are interested in the language.

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