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Скачать A Dakota-English Dictionary бесплатно

A Dakota-English Dictionary
Publication date: 1992
ISBN: 0-87351-282-0
Number of pages: 681

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 47,3MB
The preparation of this volume is to be regarded as one of the contributions to science made by the great missionary enterprise of the present age. It was not pre· meditated, but has been a result altogether incidental to our work. Our object was to preach the Gospel to the Dakotas in tbeir own language, and to teach them to read and write the same until 'their circumstances should be so changed as to enable them
to learn the English. Hence we were led to stndy their language and to endeavor to arrive at a knowledge of its principles. About eighteen years ago, Messrs. S. W. and G. H. Pond, of Washington, Conn., took up their residence among the Indians of the Minnesota Valley. In the summer following Dr. T. S. Williamson .amI his associat~s. from Ohio, under the direction of
the American Board of Oommissioners for Foreign Missions, reached the same country. They immediately commenced the labor of collecting and ascertaining the meaning of Dakota words. In the snmmer of 1837 we joined the mission and engaged in the same labors.
Others who reached the country at a later period have rendered much assistance, among whom it is but just to mention the late Rev. Robert Hopkins, of Traverse des
Sioux. In prosecnting this work we have at all times availed ourselves of the best native assistance; but during the first years of our residence among them the natives did not...

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