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Скачать A Grammar of Assiniboine: A Siouan language of the Northern Plains бесплатно

A Grammar of Assiniboine: A Siouan language of the Northern Plains
Author: Linda A. Cumberland
Publisher: Indiana University
Publication date: 2005
Number of pages: 487
Format / Quality: Scanned PDF - High
Size: 2.04 Mb
Assiniboine, sometimes referred to as Nakoda, is an American Indian language of the Siouan language family presently spoken by fewer than one hundred people in Montana (United States) and Saskatchewan (Canada). It is a member of a dialect continuum
identified by Parks and DeMallie (Anthropological Linguistics 1992) as Sioux-Assiniboine-Stoney. The canonical sentence structure is subject-object-verb, also
characterized by postpositions, head marking, and internally headed relative clauses.

Morphological processes are primarily agglutinating. The phoneme inventory consists of twenty-seven consonants, including plain, aspirated, and ejective stops, and eight vowels, five oral and three nasal. The language is structure-preserving; consonant allophony is restricted to the phoneme inventory. Assiniboine has no nominal case system, no definite or indefinite articles, and no verbal tense marking. Clauses are marked as “potential” by means of a verbal enclitic and unmarked clauses are “realized,” effectively creating a
future/non-future distinction. The verbal system is split-intransitive (active/stative); the object pronominal affixes of active-transitive verbs coincide with the subject pronominal affixes of the stative verbs.

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