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Скачать Cree Grammar бесплатно

Cree Grammar
Author: B.A. Hives
Publisher: The Church of England in Canada
Publication date: 1948
Number of pages: 27
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 0.25 Mb
The Cree language is spoken by a branch of the North American Indians who are scattered over a territory extending from the Rocky Mountains to Hudsons Bay and in that part of the country drained by the two great river systems, the Saskatchewan and the Churchill.
The name Cree seems to have been given them by the early European traders. "Cree" is from an abbreviated form of the word Kristinos, or Klistinos as they were known to these early traders.

The Crees themselves call themselves by the name of " Nahiyuwāwuk" or The Exact People, so that they were known to the early British traders as The Nahiyuwāys.
The natural divisions of the country in which these people live have divided the Crees into approximately four groups, each group having in turn certain peculiarities of dialect.

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