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Скачать A Grammar of Lower Grand Valley Dani бесплатно

A Grammar of Lower Grand Valley Dani
Author: H. Myron Bromley
Publisher: Pacific Linguistics
Publication date: 1981
Number of pages: 438

Format / Quality: PDF - High
Size: 4.1 Mb
Agreed, will never be a best seller. But it should be. It is a non-Austronesian language, spoken in the Balim valley, in the middle of one of the Austronesian realms.

Preface states that this grammar focuses on the Dani treatment of events, event sequences, and the participants in those events, with particular attention to the speaker and addresse.

To my knowledge, this is the first time I find a language where the speaker sees the world absolutely from the outside, describing reality as a sequence of events.

It is as if you consider the 'others' as just being characters of a movie. The movie is about 'them'.

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