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Скачать Studies in Southern Wakashan (Nootkan) Grammar бесплатно

Studies in Southern Wakashan (Nootkan) Grammar
Author: Matthew Davidson
Publisher: University of New York at Buffalo
Publication date: 2002
ISBN: xxxxxx
Number of pages: 487

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 1,5MB
This dissertation is a study of Southern Wakashan (Nootkan) grammar using data from two languages,
Makah and the Tseshaht dialect of Nuuchahnulth (Nootka). The phonology, morphology,
and syntax of each language are examined with emphasis on structurally important or typologically
interesting features. The description of Makah is based mostly on field data collected in
Neah Bay, Washington by the author. Nuuchahnulth data is drawn from Sapir and Swadesh’s two
published text collections on the language (Sapir & Swadesh 1939, 1955).

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