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Скачать K’iche’ – English Dictionary бесплатно

K’iche’ – English Dictionary
Author: Allen J. Christenson
Publisher: Brigham Young University
Publication date: 2007
ISBN: xxxxx
Number of pages: 153

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 590KB
The following K'iche'-English dictionary was compiled by Allen J. Christenson while conducting field work in
highland Maya linguistics and ethnography from 1978-1985. All of the entries were elicited through
collaboration with native K'iche' speakers in the communities of Momostenango (as well as its dependent
aldeas of Canquixaja, Nimsitu, and Panca) and Totonicapan (and its dependent aldeas of Nimasak and
Cerro de Oro). The dictionary is unpublished and is offered to FAMSI as a tool for research.

Password: uztranslations


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