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Скачать Awara Phonology and the Awara Verbal System бесплатно

Awara Phonology and the Awara Verbal System
Author: Edward C. Quigley, Susan R. Quigley
Publisher: University of North Dakota
Publication date: 2002/2003
ISBN: xxxxxx
Number of pages: 235+143

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 3MB
Awara is a Papuan language of Papua New Guinea spoken in the Finisterre
Mountain Range. Though it has been mentioned in papers written about the Finisterre-
Huon languages and about the Wantoat language (another language in the Wantoat
family), the Awara sound system has not been described in depth.
This paper describes the Awara phonemic inventory, autosegmental features,
morphophonemic processes, and implications for the Awara orthography. The analysis
is presented within the framework of rules-based Generative Phonology.

This paper presents a description of the verbal system of the Awara language. The
major grammatical constructions described are 1) the verbal morphology, 2) serial-verb
constructions, 3) clause chaining, and 4) subordination.
Interesting aspects of the language shown here are 1) the variety of clause types
based on the type of subject-indexing suffix, if any, used on the clause and 2) the variety
of structures and functions of serial-verb constructions.

Verbal System
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