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Скачать A grammar of Abui, a Papuan language of Alor бесплатно

A grammar of Abui, a Papuan language of Alor
Author: František Kratochvíl
Publisher: LOT
Publication date: 2007
Number of pages: 563

Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 3.6 Mb
From the author:

This book is a description of Abui, a Papuan language spoken on Alor Island in eastern Indonesia. It presents essential parts of Abui grammar in a theoretically neutral way. Chapter one contains some general information about Abui, its speakers and the area in which Abui is spoken.

The geographic position of the area where Abui is spoken is defined in section 1.1. The genetic affiliation of Abui, together with a brief overview of the historical sources concerning Alor Island and Abui people, is discussed in section 1.2. In section 1.3 I give some general information about the Abui community, the number of speakers, their typical occupation and way of living. The linguistic situation of the area where Abui is spoken is described in section 1.4. Information about the contexts in which Abui is used and about language endangerment will also be included in this section. In section 1.5 I give an overview of previous linguistic efforts focused on Abui; and in 1.6 I discuss Abui genetic affiliation. I present a typological sketch of Abui in section 1.7.

Section 1.8 discusses how the language data was collected. It describes the fieldwork and gives some basic information about the language consultants.

Section 1.9 deals with composition of the corpus and gives a list of recorded texts that are included in it. Section 1.10 gives an outline of this book and introduces the conventions in which the language data will be presented.

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