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Скачать Mohawk. A Teaching Grammar (Preliminary Version) бесплатно

Mohawk. A Teaching Grammar (Preliminary Version)
Author: Nora Deering, Helga Harries-Delisle
Publisher: Manitou Community College
Publication date: 1976
Number of pages: 562
Format / Quality: PDF-zipped
Size: 8327 KB
This teaching grammar is designed to be used with adult students. Although primarily conceived for classroom use, it could be used by students learning on their own. A section on reading and writing Mohawk precedes the twenty lessons, each of which has basically the same format: (1) conversation, (2) introduction to the systematic variations of the new material, (3) conversation, (4) phrases to be used in class, (5) vocabulary, (6) exercises, and (7) notes to the student, including grammatical and cultural information to be used for reference purposes.

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