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Скачать Garifuna Lessons бесплатно

Garifuna Lessons
Author: C. Palacio
Publisher: http://www.seinebight.com/cjp/dir.htm
Number of pages: 38

Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 0.8 MB
The Garifuna (Garinagu) live in Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, with some diasporan communities in NYC. They are of mixed African and Indigenous Caribbean ancestry. Their fascinating language belongs to the Arawakan/Maipurean family, with some European and African lexical elements.

I first became aware of them when I read a book on their funerary practices and I have been trying to find more literature ever since. Unfortunately, I have not found much. If you have more, please share with us.

Here is a set of lessons compiled from the seinebeight.com site, converted to a pdf and slightly rearranged. It includes some basic pronunciation, morphology, simple sentences, idioms, a vocabulary from 1666 and some cultural notes.

Password: none

Remarks: Mirrors welcome


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