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Скачать Jammu and Kashmir Burushaski: language, language contact, and change бесплатно

Jammu and Kashmir Burushaski: language, language contact, and change
Author: Sadaf Munshi
Publisher: University of Texas
Publication date: 2006
Number of pages: 350

Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 2.67 Mb
The region stretching along the Kashmir province of the state of Jammu & Kashmir in India and the Northern Areas region of Pakistan is home to great ethno-linguistic diversity.

The impetus for conducting a study on the Burushaski language in the valley of Kashmir came from the realization that the community, although invisible (roughly 300 speakers) within the broad Kashmiri society (over 4 million speakers), has succeeded in maintaining a separate identity – social and linguistic. Having lived in Srinagar for over a century, Jammu & Kashmir Burushos have very well stood the pressures of linguistic assimilation and language loss.

No study has been carried on the language of the Jammu & Kashmir Burushos so far.

This study provides a structural description of Jammu & Kashmir Burushaski - an undocumented variety of Burushaski, and analyzes the various forms of linguistic interference since its split from the parent dialects in Pakistan.

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