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Скачать Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa / Żywiołak бесплатно


Polish neo-folk music: Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa / Żywiołak
Year: 1998-2005 , 2006-2009
Content: 5 albums + Lyrics to some of the songs
Format: mp3,jpeg
Size: 286 MB + 200 MB
Kapela ze wsi Warszawa (Warsaw Village Band) is a band from Warsaw, Poland which plays traditional Polish folk music tunes combined with modern elements.Warsaw Village Band has revived several musical traditions that were all but lost in Poland. The band uses instruments rarely heard in modern music: frame drums, the hurdy-gurdy and the suka, a Polish folk fiddle stopped with the fingernails rather than the fingers, similar to the Bulgarian gadulka, the sarangi, or the rebec. Additionally, many of the band's vocals are sung in a loud and powerful style remakably like the "open-throated" singing styles in Bulgarian music, called biały glos (white voice).

The band Żywiołak is the non-accidental result of a meeting between two people passionate about music generally defined as heavy-folk, hard-folk or folk-metal. Żywiołak’s music is a product of such styles as folk, punk, rock/metal, acoustic trance-techno or drum’n’bass. It also contains overtones of dub, hypnotic chillout or ambient, and is based on the sounds of reconstructed ancient instruments, modern technical wizardry, and both archaic and contemporary vocal techniques.

Kzww: Hop sasa (1998) http://ifile.it/fpeiosv
Wiosna ludu (2001) http://ifile.it/kpfe34u
Wykorzenienie (2005) http://ifile.it/meswa6v
Żywiołak http://ifile.it/6qxzu8o

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