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Скачать Old Portuguese in Hebrew Script: Convention, Contact, and Convivência бесплатно

Old Portuguese in Hebrew Script: Convention, Contact, and Convivência
Author: D.L. Strolovitch
Publisher: Cornell University
Publication date: 2005
Number of pages: 426
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 2.63 Mb
Included in the book are detailed philological analyses of five Judeo-Portuguese texts, showing how Hebrew script was adapted to represent medieval Portuguese in the context of other Roman-letter and Hebrew-language writing.

Interesting enough, chapter 2 presents a survey of adaptations of Hebrew script for languages other than Hebrew, from biblical Aramaic to late-nineteenth-century English. Chapter 3 analyses the Judeo-Portuguese script.

In chapter 4 the author presents a new critical edition of a handbook for manuscript illumination.

Chapter 5 presents a 27-page excerpt of a previously-unpublished 800-page astrological treatise.

Chapter 6 presents editions of three shorter texts, vernacular rubrics from two Hebrew prayer books and a short medical prescription.

Chapter 7 summarizes the archaic and vernacular features attested by the texts in chapters 4-6. In the final chapter, it is offered a proposal for a Judeo-Portuguese "alphabet," along with a sketch of some further problems of adaptation and interpretation that arise from the process of editing Hebraicized texts and of transforming them from manuscript to computer

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