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Скачать Living Language Conversational Portuguese бесплатно


Living Language Conversational Portuguese A Complete Guide in Everyday Portuguese
Author: Oscar Fernandez
Publisher: Living Language
Pub. Date: December 2, 1987
Pages: 333
Size: 45.2 MB
Format: PDF + MP3
Language: English
ISBN: 0-517-56163-8
The Living Language Course uses the natural method of language-learning. You learn Portuguese the way you learned English - by hearing the language and repeating what you heard. You didn't begin by studying grammar; you first learned how to say things, how words are arranged, and only when you knew the language pretty well did you begin to study grammar. This course teaches you Portuguese in the same way. Hear it, say it, absorb it through use and repetition. The only difference is that in this course the basic elements of the language have been carefully selected and condensed into 40 short lessons. When you have finished these lessons, you will have a good working knowledge of the language. If you apply yourself, you can master this course and learn to speak basic Portuguese in a few weeks.


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