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Скачать A Basic Reference Grammar of Slovene бесплатно


A Basic Reference Grammar of Slovene
Author: Derbyshire, William W.
Publisher: Slavica Publishers
Publication date: 93
Number of pages: 160
Format / Quality: pdf scanned medium quality
Size: 21,8mb
This Reference Grammar is intended for adult speakers of English who are at the elementary through the intermediate levels of acquisition of the Slovene language. Its major dialects and its place among the Slavic languages. Information on the alphabet, pronunciation, and spelling rules follows. The major part of the work treats the major categories fo speech: nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numeral declensions, and verbal conjugations. There are brief sections treating prepositions, adverbs, information on syntactic c constructions relevant to the early stages of Slovene language study, and word order and word formation. Word and subject indexes and a bibliography are included.

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