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Скачать A Dictionary of Spanish Proverbs бесплатно


A Dictionary of Spanish Proverbs
Author: John Collins
Publisher: G. and W.B. Whittaker
Date: 1823
Book: 403 pages
Format: DjVu
Size: 13.7 Mb
The following collection was formed at intervals of leisure from my mercantile pursuits, during several years- residence in Spain. I had often thought that a publication of them in England, in their present arrangement, would be useful as well as entertaining.

The great interest which the late political affairs of that country have excited, has induced me to carry this design into effect.

To be conversant in the Spanish language is now considered a literary and a fashionable attainment ; it has, in fact, become a necessary" study to the British merchant trading with the Spaniards, from the recent increase of our commercial intercourse with, those extensive regions where it is universally spoken.


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