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Скачать Read Me a Rhyme in Spanish and English / Leame Una Rima En Espanol E Ingles бесплатно


Read Me a Rhyme in Spanish and English / Leame Una Rima En Espanol E Ingles
Publisher: Amer Library Assn Editions
Number Of Pages: 160
Date: 2009
Format: PDF
Size: 1.3 MB
In Rose Zertuche Trevino's "Read Me a Rhyme in Spanish and English", programming ideas abound for librarians who have bilingual patrons and wish to present reading programs for children for whom Spanish is the spoken language at home. The bilingual programs are for children of all ages: babies to primary school children. The program material presented originates from Latin culture, engaging those patrons for whom the nursery rhymes are new, as well as for older children and parents for whom the rhymes are old favorites. "Read Me a Rhyme in Spanish and English"; includes thorough directions, as well as the text for various sounds and read-alouds, written in both English and Spanish. Users will also discover: fresh ideas and resources for implementing bilingual storytimes; eight program plans with chapters specific to target audience; and, two bibliographies filled with additional resources, including both paper and music titles for use with bilingual programs. The ready-made storytimes included in this unique bilingual book is a must-have for any library serving the Spanish-speaking. Filled with rhymes, songs, and fingerplays, this book will become a favorite among your young patrons both in English and Spanish!


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