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Скачать McGraw-Hill's Spanish for Educators (Book Only) бесплатно

McGraw-Hill's Spanish for Educators (Book Only)
Author: Jose Diaz, María F. Nadel
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication date: 2006-05-10
ISBN: 0071464905
Number of pages: 352
Format / Quality: rar -> pdf
Size: 1.70 Mb
Communicate with your Spanish-speaking students and parents as easy as uno, dos, tres
A working knowledge of the Spanish language is an indispensable part of an educator’s skill set. McGraw-Hill’s Spanish for Educators gives you more than 3,000 Spanish words and phrases and the basic grammar needed to use them properly and with confidence. You will learn vocabulary that covers every aspect of a student’s school career, from kindergarten enrollment through high school graduation.

Designed to get you quickly up and running with all the Spanish you need to build stronger relationships with Spanish-speaking students and families, McGraw-Hill’s Spanish for Educators features:
- English-Spanish mini-dictionary
- Phonetic translations
- Bilingual forms and letters for parents
- Spanish grammar primer
- Hundreds of practical, hands-on exercises
- Useful cultural notes

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