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Скачать Articulatory-Acoustic Relationships in Swedish Vowel Sounds бесплатно

Articulatory-Acoustic Relationships in Swedish Vowel Sounds
Author: Christine Ericsdotter
Publisher: Stockholm University
Publication date: 2005
Number of pages: 200 (spread)
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 16.36 Mb
Articulatory modelling is the generic term for a multiplicity of approaches and motives for visualising and synthesizing human speech using physiological parameters. Its main motives are to gain more insight into speech production planning, control and performance, to develop more flexible speech synthesizers, and to provide effective tools for speech
therapy and language learning.

Articulatory models have been used in research, teaching and entertainment for at least 300 years (see Engwall 2002: 17-22 for an up-to-date survey and Traunmüller 2000 for listening examples). But as acoustic synthesis was born and nearly perfected during the past 50 years, articulatory synthesis is still generally crude, inefficient and computationally demanding.

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