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Скачать Aspects of the grammar of Thulung Rai: an endangered Himalayan language бесплатно

Aspects of the grammar of Thulung Rai: an endangered Himalayan language
Author: Aimée Lahaussois
Publisher: University of California, Berkeley
Publication date: 2002
ISBN: xxxx
Number of pages: 400

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 1,47MB
Thulung Rai is an endangered Tibeto-Burman language of eastern Nepal, currently
spoken by approximately one thousand people. It is a member of the Kiranti group in the
Himalayish branch of Tibeto-Burman, along with languages characterized principally by their
complex pronominalizing verbal inflectional systems.
This dissertation provides an overview of the grammar of the Thulung language, along
with selected texts and a glossary. The aspects of the grammar which are discussed are those
which are particularly relevant as far as Thulung’s heritage as a Tibeto-Burman language is
concerned. The chapters discuss the phonological system of the language; the case marking
system; the use of discourse particles; nominalization and its etymological and semantic
relationship with relativization and genitivization; the finite verbs, with their complex agreement
system and stem alternations; the augmentation of verbs with aspect-bearing derivational
suffixes; clause-combining by means of converbs and sequencers.

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