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Скачать Quyosh ham olov бесплатно


Quyosh ham olov
Автор: Alisher Ibodinov
Издатель: "Guliston" jaridasi
Дата издания: 1980
Формат / качество: PDF
Размер: 230 KB
"SUN IS ALSO FIRE" ("Quyosh ham Olov") is one such work of supposed fiction that contains accurate historical information, quotations from key historical monuments of Central Asia, and which bears several messages relevant to the contemporary population. "SUN IS ALSO FIRE" is a "short story" by Alisher Ibadin, printed in the periodical Gulistan (published in the Uzbek SSR), in its issue No. 9, 1980. Examination of current Soviet textbooks suggests that the works implicitly referenced (identified below) in this "short story" are not generally available or taught in Soviet schools. In this effort, Ibadin is presenting himself as a conduit, a bridge to the real past. In verbalizing the thoughts of the collective ancestry, he is taking a great personal risk — perhaps, like the central figure of the "tale," pouring (symbolic) naphtha on himself. The main theme of "SUN IS ALSO FIRE" reflects the messages of both the sources and the historical events to which Ibadin alludes — a struggle for independence against an invading alien, preservation of the culture of one's ancestors and the self sacrifice required for the task. Along the way, purification, by fire, is woven into the main flow, an important historical motif.

One of the most powerful messages of "SUN IS ALSO FIRE" is represented by the epigram with which Ibadin begins:

"If the sky above did not collapse, and if the earth below did not give way, O Turkish people, who would be able to destroy your state and institutions?"


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Пояснения: Contains the Uzbek original with an English translation.


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