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Скачать How to Ace the Brainteaser Interview бесплатно

How to Ace the Brainteaser Interview
The inside track on how to beat the "logic puzzle" job interview
As if job interviews weren't nerve-wracking enough, many companies, in their pursuit of the brightest and best, have begun beleaguering applicants with tests of logic, creativity, and analytical abilities. Many firms have replaced traditional interview questions such as "Tell us about yourself" or "What's your biggest weakness?" with mind-benders such as:
- Why are beer cans tapered at both ends?
- How many piano tuners are there in the world?
- How many Ping-Pong balls can you stuff into a Boeing 747?
- How would you design a bathroom for the CEO of the company?
- If you could remove any one of the 50 U.S.states, which one would it be?

In How to Ace the Brain Teaser Interview, bestselling careers author John Kador gives readers the inside track on this new interview technique. He provides 75 puzzles actually used by HR departments across the nation, and he offers tips on how to solve them and present the solutions so as to make the best possible impression.

Скачать The Career Coward's Guide to Interviewing: Sensible Strategies for Overcoming Job Search Fears бесплатно

Fear interviews no more! In a book full of energetic and practical advice, Piotrowski takes the worry out of interviewing.

Скачать Victorian life бесплатно

Victorian life
Relive the days of the British Empire at home and abroad, through the times of Britain's longest-reigning monarch.

Скачать Language Most Foul бесплатно

Language Most Foul
A meticulously researched, highly entertaining, idiosyncratic look at the how, why and what of bad language around the world.

Скачать Victoria бесплатно

The public and personal life of this formidable monarch, and the major events that occurred during her reign.

Скачать Арнольд И. В. Стилистика современного английского языка бесплатно

Арнольд И. В. Стилистика современного английского языка

Арнольд И. В.

Стилистика современного английского языка (стилистика декодирования)

Функциональная стилистика, лексикологическая стилистика, теория образов, стилистический анализ на уровне фонетики и морфологии — таков далеко не полный перечень вопросов, рассматриваемых в книге.

Скачать Creating a Budget (Cliffs Notes) by Mercedes Bailey бесплатно

Creating a Budget (Cliffs Notes) by Mercedes Bailey

Creating a Budget by Mercedes Bailey

Book Description
Do you understand that a budget is really a philosophy? That it is about freeing yourself in the long run to have financial independence for a lifetime? This guide walks you through the basics of how to budget, how to save, how to cut your cost of services, and a variety of other tips that enable you to put away money for a "sunny day"!

Скачать Investing for the First Time (Cliffs Notes) by Tracey Longo бесплатно

Investing for the First Time (Cliffs Notes) by Tracey Longo

Investing for the First Time by Tracey Longo

Book Description
Your shortcut to success™ for over 40 years Master the essentials. Gain confidence. Meet new challenges. Fast. That's the reason for CliffsNotes. And that's just what you'll get from this easy-to-understand guide to investment basics.Check out our other CliffsNotes titles See the inside back cover for a complete list of CliffsNotes on Technology and Personal Finance topics — and look for CliffsNotes on other topics coming soon.

Скачать Investing in Mutual Funds (Cliffs Notes) by Juliette Fairley бесплатно

Investing in Mutual Funds (Cliffs Notes) by Juliette Fairley

Investing in Mutual Funds by Juliette Fairley

Book Description
CliffsNotes: Investing in Mutual Funds is the perfect tool for anyone interested in learning more about mutual funds. With the explosion of the mutual fund phenomenon, more and more people are discovering this investment option. This book will guide the reader through the maze of the financial world.

Cliffs Notes: Investing in Mutual Funds provides expert advice on deciphering prospectuses, reading performance histories, and more. Learn about online and Internet investing options plus software and other computer tools. Features checklists and worksheets to help determine the best type of fund for your needs.

  • Filled with information and expert tips and hints on how to navigate the world of mutual funds.
  • Discover the different types of funds, how to read a prospectus and more!
  • Features advice on which fund is best for your financial needs.
  • About 66 million Americans in 37 percent of the country's households have money in mutual funds.

Скачать Investing in the Stock Market (Cliffs Notes) by C. Edward. Gilpatric бесплатно

Investing in the Stock Market (Cliffs Notes) by C. Edward. Gilpatric

Investing in the Stock Market by C. Edward. Gilpatric

Book Description
Tired of watching everybody else get rich in the stock market? Wish you understood all that money and numbers stuff"? This guide will take the anxiety out of investing and help you plan your investment strategy with your own goals in mind."