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Скачать Literary Treks: Characters on the Move бесплатно

Literary Treks: Characters on the Move

Product Description
Offering a wealth of maps and geographic routes for 28 books, this guide illustrates how to teach with literary maps, taking students on a journey through real and imaginary terrains. Entries span a range of genres and literary formats (including novels, dramas, and diaries); each follows a book's protagonist through space and time, covering places visited as well as historical figures, customs, cultures, and events. Geographic summaries, itemized itineraries, and detailed maps help students trace each character's journey and comprehend the geographic scale of action. As a prelude to reading, the maps can help disadvantaged readers better understand the stories and settings of a book, which will significantly enhance any student's reading experience. Instruction on marking maps with notes and arrows will help students prepare for college-level classes as they organize their work, simplify confusing elements, outline chronology, and incorporate additional reading and research.

Скачать A Dog's Life бесплатно

A Dog's Life
Peter Mayle surveys his territory from a new vantage point: the all-fours perspective of his dog Boy – a dog whose personality is made up of equal parts Boswell and Dr Johnson, Mencken and A. A. Milne.

Enhanced by 59 splendidly whimsical drawings by Edward Koren.

Скачать Magic in Ancient Egypt бесплатно

Magic in Ancient Egypt
Magic in Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians were famous in the ancient world for their knowledge of magic. Religion, medicine, technology, and what we would call magic coexisted without apparent conflict, and it was not unusual for magical and "practical" remedies for illness, for example, to be used side by side. Everyone resorted to magic, from the pharaoh guarding his country with elaborate magical rituals to the expectant mother wearing amulets to safeguard her unborn child. In this book, Geraldine Pinch examines the connections between myth and magic and the deities--such as the goddess Isis, and the protective lion-demon Bes--who had special magical importance. She discusses the techniques of magic, its practitioners, and the surviving magical texts, as well as the objects that were used in magic: figurines, statues, amulets, and wands. She devotes a chapter to medicine and magic and one to magic and the dead. Finally, Dr. Pinch shows how elements and influences from Egyptian magic survived in or were taken up by later societies, right down to our own century.
REUPLOADED (thx to decabristka)

Скачать A Cold Day For Murder - [01] Kate Shugak Mystery by Dana Stabenow бесплатно

A Cold Day For Murder - [01] Kate Shugak Mystery by  Dana Stabenow

[01] Kate Shugak Mystery by  Dana Stabenow

An Award-Winning Mystery Set In Alaska's Frozen North Country

Aleut detective Kate Shugak, formerly a gifted investigator for the Anchorage D.A.'s office, moved back to Alaska's far north country after a horrible child abuse case left her scarred physically and emotionally. She now resides on a 160-acre homestead with her half-wolf, half-husky, half-breed canine, Mutt, and makes her living as a private investigator. "A Cold Day for Murder," Dana Stabenow's debut mystery in this wonderful series featuring PI Shugak won an Edgar award in 1993.
First from the series, soon - all the rest.

Скачать The Man Who Folded Himself бесплатно

The Man Who Folded Himself is a 1973 science fiction novel by David Gerrold that deals with time travel.
It was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1973 and the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1974.

Скачать Atlantis (A Novel) бесплатно

Atlantis (A Novel)

1912. Nobel laureate Gerhart Hauptmann's first play, Before Sunrise was produced in 1889 at the German Free Theater, and was acknowledged as the beginning of an important new literary movement for Germany. Some critics regard drama as Hauptmann's least happy choice in the form of literary expression. Many consider him as one of the finest poets of modern times. He has also written many well-known novels of which Atlantis is probably the most famous. Atlantis is a social novel with a supernatural subplot involving after-death experiences and dream visions.

Скачать The Gray Wolf бесплатно

LibriVox short stories

The Gray Wolf is one volume in the four-volume collection of the complete fantasy stories of George MacDonald, the great nineteenth-century innovator of modern fantasy.

Audio Length: 14.5 min.

Скачать LANGMaster - English Reading Courses (12 CDs) + Dictionary (1 CD) бесплатно

English Reading Courses + Dictionary

Интерактивный курс на основе адаптированных книг, уровень от Beginner до Intermediate, включает словарь Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary.
Каждый диск может работать по отдельности.
Level: Beginner - Elementary - Intermediate
Guided story books as teaching courses.

The links updated for CD 6-9 by opinio

Скачать The Singing of the Dead - [11] Kate Shugak mystery by Dana Stabenow бесплатно

The Singing of the Dead - [11] Kate Shugak mystery by Dana Stabenow

The background of a hard-fought political campaign in Alaska (where "in a gathering of four people there are five marriages, six divorces, and seven political parties") and the devastating effect of a century-old scandal on the candidates gives even greater depth than usual to Stabenow's 11th Kate Shugak mystery.

The novel shifts effortlessly between the present and the past, tracing the career of one of the state's most notorious "good time girls" from the gold mining era. The author paints a strong, striking picture of the tough life in Alaska 100 years ago and the narrow choice offered women housekeeper or whore. The character of Angel Beecham, known as the Dawson Darling, is compellingly portrayed as a complex woman whose relationship to the contemporary characters is slyly revealed in the epilogue (but wait until you've finished the book to read it). With well-drawn characters, splendid scenery and an insider's knowledge of Alaskan history and politics, this fine novel ranks as one of Stabenow's best.


Скачать Killing grounds - [8] Kate Shugak mystery by Dana Stabenow бесплатно

Killing grounds - [8] Kate Shugak mystery by Dana Stabenow

Killing grounds - [8] Kate Shugak mystery by Dana Stabenow

Like Nevada Barr, Dana Stabenow writes mysteries so firmly rooted in the natural world that their sense of place becomes a vital part of the plot. In this book about Native Alaskan crime solver Kate Shugak, the ocean and the men who fish it for salmon are described in such vivid detail that you'll never look at a salmon steak the same way again. When a particularly nasty fisherman is murdered, there's no end of suspects--including members of Kate's own family. The story also sports a richly ironic undertone of political incorrectness, as Kate muses about the forest rangers, "who wanted to annex every square foot of land they saw and keep it pristine and inviolate, unsullied by human hand. They failed to recall that the indigenous peoples who came across the Bering land bridge during the last Ice Age had their hands all over anything that had the remotest possibility of nutritional value, and were every bit as much of the landscape and the wheel of life as the fish and the birds and the mammals."