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Скачать Monsters, Gods, and Heroes: Approaching the Epic in Literature. Modern Scholar Series бесплатно

Monsters, Gods, and Heroes: Approaching the Epic in Literature. Modern Scholar Series

From the very outset in the West—from the time of Homer himself in about 750 BCE—the epic has been the most highly regarded of literary genres. It is rivaled only by tragedy, which arose a bit more than two centuries later, as the most respected, the most influential, and, from a slightly different vantage point, the most prestigious mode of addressing the human condition in literary terms. The major epics are the big boys, the works that, from the very outset, everyone had heard of and everyone knew, at least by reputation. They are the works that had the most profound and most enduring cultural influence. And they are very much with us still, some more than others, but all—or all the most successful ones—are more or less firmly enshrined in cultural memory. They are still read. They are still taught. They still gain imitators and admirers. The stories they tell still shape our imagination and aspirations.

Скачать London For Dummies бесплатно

London For Dummies
London is both traditional and trend-setting — the home of ceremonious pomp and pageantry and the "anything goes" aura of Soho. You can hang around the Tower of London or seek out the happening spots. Dine on fish and chips, try modern British cuisine, or take advantage of great ethnic restaurants, including Indian, French, Chinese, and more. Take in the historical sites or explore diverse neighborhoods. This guide gives you the latest scoop on:

    * The hottest clubs and night life, the coolest shopping, and the thriving performing arts scene
    * Attractions ranging from pubs to palaces to Parliament
    * Incredible museums, including the British Museum with its antiquities, the Tate Modern, and the National Portrait Gallery with likenesses of famous Brits, including pop icons like Elton John

Скачать Smart Negotiating бесплатно

Smart Negotiating
John Patrick Dolan is a top trial lawyer who knows that effective negotiating is essential for success in major enterprises or in the ordinary events of everyday life. In Smart Negotiating, he condenses the wisdom of years of experience into an entertaining and informative book that is a joy to read.
—Ed Meese, Former United States Attorney General

This is a must-read for anyone who wants to persuade, negotiate and communicate in our ever-competitive environment. John Patrick Dolan is a recognized expert with measurable experience and superb skills.
—Nido Qubein, President, High Point University, Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

Скачать Negotiate to Win: The 21 Rules for Successful Negotiating бесплатно

Negotiate to Win: The 21 Rules for Successful Negotiating
Negotiation is one skill everyone needs in order to get more of what they want -- to sell more, to keep costs down, to manage better, to strengthen relationships -- to win! Thomas shows you exactly how the best negotiators reach long-lasting positive solutions that build profits, performance, and relationships.

This indispensable guide covers all you'll ever need to know about negotiating, including:

    * The 21 rules of successful negotiating -- and how to defend against them!
    * "Quickies" -- specific tips on how to successfully negotiate with bosses, children, car dealers, contractors, auto mechanics, and many others
    * Why Americans are among the worst negotiators on Earth

Скачать TMS - Winston Churchill: Man of the Century бесплатно

Winston Churchill: Man of the Century. Modern Scholar Series
Winston Churchill: Man of the Century. Modern Scholar Series
Churchill was an improbable hero for what was to be called “the century of the common man,” not only because he was personally so very uncommon, but because he was from an elite British family and was never closely in touch with “ordinary people” in Britain, let alone the rest of the world. Yet, to pigeonhole Churchill that way is misleading.
Winston Churchill was seen even in his own lifetime as a historic figure, one of the great men of world history, commemorated all across the world (but especially among the English-speaking peoples) in statues, memorials, streets and schools named after him, and in a plethora of stamps, medals, plates, and other such memorabilia.

Скачать Power Speaking: The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker бесплатно

Power Speaking: The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker
Integrating key concepts and ideas about public speaking into a clear, step-by-step, transformational method, Power Speaking teaches emerging speakers how to grow the necessary skills and unleash their inner power.
I highly recommend "Power Speaking: The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker" to anyone who aspires to be authentically present in any situation, especially infront of an audience.

Скачать 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business: Revised & Updated Edition бесплатно

201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business: Revised & Updated Edition
Answering the need presented by a much-changed commercial climate, entrepreneurial journalist Applegate has retooled this business classic. Along with timeless advice, this edition includes ten new ideas for managing, organizing, promoting, and improving a small business in today's environment.

Скачать How to Get a PhD, 4th Edition бесплатно

How to Get a PhD,  4th Edition
This is a handbook for Ph.D. students, providing a practical, realistic understanding of the processes of doing research for a doctorate.

New to this edition: a section on increasingly popular professional doctorates such as Ed.D., D.B.A., and D.Eng; material for supervisors of overseas, part-time, and mature students; and a diagnostic questionnaire for students to monitor progress.

Скачать Managing Change: Learning Made Simple бесплатно

Managing Change: Learning Made Simple
Using full colour throughout and written by leading teachers and writers, Learning Made Simple books build on a rich legacy of over 50 years as leading publishers helping to learn new skills and develop their talents.

Whether studying at college, training at work, or reading at home, aiming for a qualification or simply getting up to speed, Learning Made Simple Books will give readers the advantage of easy, well-organized training materials in a handy volume you can refer to again and again.

Скачать The Theory of Everything:The Origin and Fate of the Universe бесплатно

The Theory of Everything:The Origin and Fate of the Universe
The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe
 is actually transcribed from Stephen Hawking's Cambridge Lectures, the slim volume may not present a single theory unifying gravity with the other fundamental forces, but it does carefully explain the state of late 20th-century physics with the great scientist's characteristic humility and charm. Explicitly shunning math, Hawking explains the fruits of 100 years of heavy thinking with metaphors that are simple but never condescending - he compares the settling of the newborn universe into symmetry to the formation of ice crystals in a glass of water, for example. While he explores his own work (especially when speaking about black holes), he also discusses the important milestones achieved by others like Richard Feynman. Though occasionally an impenetrably obscure phrase does slip by, the reader will find the bulk of the text enlightening and engaging. The material, from the nature of time to the possibility that the universe has no beginning or end, is rich and deep and inevitably ignites metaphysical thinking. After all, Hawking is famous for his "we would know the mind of God" remark, which ends the final lecture herein.