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Скачать Are You the King, or Are You the Joker?: Play Math for Young Children бесплатно

Are You the King, or Are You the Joker?: Play Math for Young Children
This unique book - based on the author’s experience in teaching his grandchildren mathematics the fun way - provides the knowledge and skills to teach math to young children, through learning games with playing cards. Children grow to associate math with fun, pleasure and parental love and attention.
Readership: Parents, grandparents, and adults with young children (ages 3 - 10 years); older children who can read the book themselves; for informal learning, making it more effective than normal textbooks.
"Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler." Albert Einstein

Скачать The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Sign Language бесплатно

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Sign Language
You're no idiot, of course. You studied a foreign language, you can give good hand signals to a driver parallel parking, and you know when your boss is in a bad mood based on body language. But when it comes to using sign language, you feel like you're all thumbs.

Скачать Noam Chomsky Linguistics & Philosophy бесплатно

Noam Chomsky Linguistics & Philosophy
In this 89-minute lecture Noam Chomsky concentrates on his primary scholarly field of Linguistics. He explains his revolutionary theory of Universal Grammar alongwith the philosophical implications inherent in his proposal as well as a heavy helping of Chomsky’s illuminating asides. He even talks about the ape, Coco, who some researchers unsuccessfully tried to teach sign language. For those less familiar with his Linguistic side this talk is a capable summary.

Скачать TTC - The History of Ancient Rome бесплатно

TTC - The History of Ancient Rome
The narrative of the rise and fall of Rome is itself compelling, and P. Fagan's richly detailed and often humorous discussions of Roman life are uniquely memorable.
You study women and the family, slaves, cities, religious customs, the beloved institution of public bathing, the deep cultural impact of Hellenism, and such famous Roman amusements as chariot racing and gladiatorial games.
48 lectures of 30 minutes

Скачать Venezuela (Modern World Nations) бесплатно

Venezuela (Modern World Nations)
Describes the history, geography, government, economy, people, and culture of Venezuela.

Скачать Bahrain (Modern World Nations) бесплатно

Bahrain (Modern World Nations)
Describes the history, geography, government, economy, people, and culture of Bahrain.

Скачать Microsoft Office for Dummies бесплатно

Microsoft Office for Dummies
As everybody knows, Microsoft released on the market Office 2007, Which I think is pretty good, in fact better then the previous Office. A book of this kind is always useful, especially for the ones who think they know too much about ....typing
This book is dedicated to a variety of people, including the following:
"All the long-suffering victims forced to learn the arcane features of Microsoft Office, which seem to change with every version, not always for the best. Take heart. You’re not stupid — it’s the people who write, sell, and encourage the clumsy and complicated computer programs on the market who are the really stupid ones."

Скачать Einstein for the 21st Century бесплатно

   More than fifty years after his death, Albert Einstein's vital engagement with the world continues to inspire others, spurring conversations, projects, and research, in the sciences as well as the humanities. Einstein for the 21st Century shows us why he remains a figure of fascination.

In this wide-ranging collection, eminent artists, historians, scientists, and social scientists describe Einstein's influence on their work, and consider his relevance for the future. Scientists discuss how Einstein's vision continues to motivate them, whether in their quest for a fundamental description of nature or in their investigations in chaos theory; art scholars and artists explore his ties to modern aesthetics; a music historian probes Einstein's musical tastes and relates them to his outlook in science; historians explore the interconnections between Einstein's politics, physics, and philosophy; and other contributors examine his impact on the innovations of our time. Uniquely cross-disciplinary, Einstein for the 21st Century serves as a testament to his legacy and speaks to everyone with an interest in his work.

The contributors are Leon Botstein, Lorraine Daston, E. L. Doctorow, Yehuda Elkana, Yaron Ezrahi, Michael L. Friedman, Jürg Fröhlich, Peter L. Galison, David Gross, Hanoch Gutfreund, Linda D. Henderson, Dudley Herschbach, Gerald Holton, Caroline Jones, Susan Neiman, Lisa Randall, Jürgen Renn, Matthew Ritchie, Silvan S. Schweber, and A. Douglas Stone.

Скачать Wonders of the Sea (Wonders of Nature: Natural Phenomena in Science and Myth) бесплатно

    Renowned story teller, Kendall Haven brings his expertise as an oceanographer to the authorship of this third book in a four- book series intended for teachers to use with students in the upper elementary and middle school grades. It focuses on natural phenomena of the sea (tides, tsunamis, sea spouts, giant squid, killer whales) through the eyes of ancient myth and looks at the modern day science that explains each myth, using the interdisciplinary style of teaching. Haven, bringing his knowledge of the science of oceanography, integrates various scientific fields of oceanic study--Physical Oceanography, Geologic Oceanography, Biological and Chemical Oceanography, etc.--to further integrate science curricular areas with the study of myth. Students will not only be encouraged to appreciate the magic in myth and science, but to understand the commonality of all human experience with nature over all time. The book contains myths from several different cultures along with accompanying scientific explanations to use with students. Included are bibliographies, recommended Web sites, student projects, and discussion and activity ideas. Illustrations and diagrams enhance student interest. The book is to be used by teachers and librarians with students and by students in libraries and classrooms.

Скачать Joseph Cornell and Astronomy: A Case for the Stars бесплатно

    Joseph Cornell and Astronomy provides an in-depth look at one artist's intense fascination with the science of astronomy. Joseph Cornell (1903-72) has often been viewed as a recluse, isolated in his home on Utopia Parkway, lost in the fairy tales and charming objects of his collages and assemblage boxes. Less commonly known has been Cornell's vested and serious interest in the history of astronomy and the cutting-edge discoveries made during his own lifetime. An avid reader, he amassed a library of books and articles about science and astronomy, and his reflections about these subjects had a direct impact on his art.

This book explores why astronomy captivated Cornell, and considers hundreds of his works--found-footage films, three-dimensional space-object boxes, enigmatic collages, and cosmic ephemera--that contain references to astronomical phenomena. Kirsten Hoving considers Cornell's enormous collection of astronomy materials, ranging from eighteenth-century books to recent works; newspaper and magazine articles that Cornell clipped and sorted; and diary entries of his observations while stargazing in his backyard. She examines how Cornell explored many dimensions of astronomy through his identities as a Christian Scientist and surrealist artist.

Unfolding Cornell's work with depth and breadth, Joseph Cornell and Astronomy offers a convincing and original appreciation of this intriguing American artist.