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Скачать English step by step 1 бесплатно

English step by step 1
Очень красочный учебник с хорошим крупным шрифтом содержит в себе множество интересных текстов, стихотворений песен. Понятные таблицы обьяснят азы грамматики. 90 различных уроков не дадут скучать вашим подопечным.
This excellent textbook for many teachers in Estonia for students in elementary school. The manual was developed jointly with the Methodists BBC. Very colorful textbook with a good large print contains a lot of interesting texts. Clear the table to explain nuts and bolts of grammar. 90 different lessons will not miss your trust. BOOK IS IN ENGLISH ONLY.

Скачать Easy Talk, American Dialogues - Современный Американский в Диалогах (bilingual) бесплатно

Easy Talk, American Dialogues - Современный Американский в Диалогах  (bilingual)
Современный Американский в Диалогах - Сборник диалогов с образцами современной повседневной лексики и идиоматических выражений от американского автора....

45 original american dialogues - enjoyable experience learning modern idiomatic expressions, slang usage and humor. BILINGUAL!

Скачать SKY 2 Activity Book бесплатно

SKY 2 Activity Book
An activity book prepared for Polish students. It's the second part. Full book with front and back pages. The authors are Jonathan Bygrave, Brian Abbs, Ingrid Freebairn and Piotr Steinbrich.


INSTRUCTIONS IN POLISH (but exercises can be understood easily)

Скачать Learning at Work: How to Support Individual and Organizational Learning бесплатно

Learning at Work: How to Support Individual and Organizational Learning
Learning at Work underscores the notion that training is a crucial function in an organization.
As a learning and performance professional, your job is to support both individual and organizational learning. To do this, you need to understand the needs of your particular industry, business, and personnel.

Скачать My Place in Space бесплатно

My Place in Space
To the astonishment of the bus driver, Henry and Rosie are able to give their complete address, right down to their hemisphere, their planet, their solar system - and beyond. My Place in Space is the perfect way to introduce children to the wonders of astronomy. With fabulously detailed illustrations by bestselling illustrator Roland Harvey and Joe Levine, this book with enthral children and awaken their curiosity about the Universe.

Скачать Jumpstart! Creativity: Games & Activities for Ages 7-14 бесплатно

Jumpstart! Creativity: Games & Activities for Ages 7-14

Jumpstart Creativity! is a book of games and activities that any primary teacher can do quickly, at the beginning of a lesson or as a time-filler, with little preparation. They grab children’s attention and get them focussed on learning.

There are more than fifty provocative games and activities including, 'An Alien in the Cage is Worth Two on the Moon’ and 'Faced with a Smilemma, Everybody Wins' to ‘jumpstart’ creativity in any Key Stage 2 or 3 classroom. Practical, easy-to-do and vastly entertaining, the ‘jumpstarts’ will suit a range of learning styles – from the visual, auditory or kinaesthetic to the cognitive.

The jumpstarts cover:

  • thinking
  • questioning
  • reasoning
  • problem-solving
  • wordplay.

Скачать California Science, Grade 5 – Student Edition (2008) бесплатно

California Science, Grade 5 – Student Edition (2008)
"California Science" develops science concepts through purposeful, hands-on activities, compelling reading content, and dynamic visuals and graphics. It provides pupils with accurate, standards-based content designed to create scientifically-literate citizens. Pupils learn through rich, readable content, strong visual connections, and hands-on activities.
Reading age for native speakers: Elementary School pupils (5th grade)

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Скачать Primary Science for Teaching Assistants бесплатно

Primary Science for Teaching Assistants

Packed with practical activities, ideas and strategies to help you to enhance your pupils’ scientific understanding, this easy-to-use and accessible book has been specifically written for teaching assistants.

Primary Science for Teaching Assistants:

  • analyzes how you can develop scientific skills and understanding
  • offers advice and guidance on pupil’s progression in science
  • shows how to use and build on children’s ideas by questioning
  • provides suggestions for practical work and cross-curricular links.

Use this book whether you’re studying for qualifications or just keen to improve the support you already provide.

Скачать How to teach Speaking бесплатно

How to teach Speaking
How to teach Speaking is a practical guide for teachers who want to improve their knowledge and develop their classroom skills in this area. The book includes: 
A description of the characteristics features of spoken language, an explanation of communication strategies that learners use, ways to increase learner autonomy and confidence and approaches to assessing speaking

Скачать Fundamentals of English Grammar бесплатно

Fundamentals of English Grammar
A very rare, but excellent work. This textbook can be used both as a learning and as a guidebook. Grammatical topics include rules times, properly trained to ask questions and formulate, introduces us to passive turnover proposals. Many so pay attention to structure proposals. Textbook particularly good their tables and diagrams, they help to remember and absorb a large quantity of material at once. The visual material is so good that the rules sufficiently describe the minimum quantity. Very good and varied training exercises will give you even greater intensity training. The textbook is intended for students with average knowledge of language. ENGLISH ONLY BOOK