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Скачать Guide to Patterns and Usage in English (Second Edition) бесплатно

This book, for foreign students, is a guide to the composition of idiomatic English. Idiom is as much a matter of correct word order as of wide vocabulary or knowledge of syntax: and in this book Mr Hornby describes and tabulates the chief English sentence and phrase patterns, and sets down the numerous idiomatic ways of expressing time - relations and other common concepts.

Скачать Smile Please 2 (Workbook) ONLY WORKBOOK! бесплатно

Smile Please 2 (Workbook)     ONLY WORKBOOK!
A complete six-level course for children of all ages. Fabulous photographs will fascinate children and motivate them to learn English.
Easy to teach and fun to use, this is the course to make everyone smile. The gently graded syllabus gives all children a sense of real achievement. Level: BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE

Скачать A Year In the Life of an ESL (English Second Language) Student: Idioms and Vocabulary You Can't Live Without (BOOK with KEY) бесплатно

A Year In the Life of an ESL (English Second Language) Student: Idioms and Vocabulary You Can't Live Without  (BOOK with KEY)
A Year in the Life of an ESL Student is an essential addition to the advanced level ESL classroom. By studying the varied and interesting dialogues and completeing the challenging exercises, students will dramatically improve their comprehension and usage of everyday idioms and advanced vocabulary. The book follows Andre, a student from Switzerland, as he spends a year completing his English studies at a private language school in North America: from his arrival at the airport, to getting around the city, to attending school, to hanging out with his classmates. All of the situations and corresponding language are real and directly relevant to adult ESL students. So join Andre on his one-year adventure. It's about to begin just outside the airport terminal.


Скачать Grammar Rhymes - Английская грамматика в стихах бесплатно

Grammar Rhymes - Английская грамматика в стихах
Замечательный иллюстрированный учебник грамматики, написанный в форме стихотворений, песен и коротких рассказов. Книга предназначена для учеников средней школы, особенно для 3-6 классов.

Скачать Meet the U.S. People and Places in the United States бесплатно

Meet the U.S. People and Places in the United States
Meet the U.S. offers you the opportunity to improve your vocabulary and reading skills while increasing your knowledge of the culture and geography of the United States. Travel with reporter Lisa Evans as she drives across the United States writing articles for The Boston Daily newspaper, and become acquainted with the people and places she visits from Bangor, Maine to Honolulu, Hawaii. Meet the U.S.!

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Скачать Вся грамматика английского языка в таблицах бесплатно

Вся грамматика английского языка в таблицах
Книга охватывает все грамматические темы, изучение которых предусмотрено школьной программой. Основная задача этого пособия - помочь читателю быстро найти и восстановить в памяти ранее изученное, а также проверить правильность своих знаний.

For Russian speakers only.

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Скачать Longman Advanced Grammar (L.G Alexander) бесплатно

Longman Advanced Grammar (L.G Alexander)
This text-based reference and practice book is ideal for learners working towards the CAE and Proficiency examinations. It gives learners access to real language through a rich mixture of highly readable authentic texts selected from recently published sources, both British and American, reflects the stylistic variety that advanced learners have to be able to deal with, gives practice in specific points of grammar to consolidate and extend learners’ existing knowledge. The grammar notes give explanations of points of grammar and syntax and include answers - and much more!

Скачать Howl's Moving Castle бесплатно

Howl's Moving Castle
In the land of Ingary, it is considered a great misfortune to be born the eldest of three. It means that you are destined to fail, no matter what you do, and Sophie Hatter, a meek little hat shop owner's daughter, firmly believes in this. She herself is the oldest of three in the town of Market Chipping, and her younger sisters are considered far more pretty and talented than she. But Sophie's miserable little world is turned upside down when she is transformed into an old hag by a woman known as the Witch of the Waste, and she leaves the hat shop to seek her fortune in the world. On the way, Sophie encounters a vicious dog stuck in a hedge, a scarecrow she accidentally brings to life, and most importantly, a huge moving castle owned by a wizard named Howl, who has many different rumors floating around the place about him. In the castle, she discovers a fire demon named Calcifer, who is bound to Howl by a contract he cannot tell Sophie about. Calcifer offers to free Sophie from her curse though, and return her to her normal form, if she breaks the contract between him and Howl. Sophie starts to get used to her life in the castle, including Howl's hopeless apprentice Micheal, the odd business the castle runs, and Howl himself and his peculiar little quirks. But the more times goes on, and the more Sophie grows to almost enjoy her time here, she starts to worry...will she ever be able to free Calcifer, and therefore, herself? And more importantly...does she even want to?

Скачать 20 Topics for Free Conversation (English content) бесплатно

20 Topics for Free Conversation (English content)
Учебное пособие для развития навыков устной речи. Двадцать публицистических тем-эссе, построенных на современных аутентичных текстах.
A manual for the development of oral communication skills. Twenty essays, based on today's authentic texts. Students learn to be independent in oral topics and written answers to any topic, get used to work on the principles of testing. 99% ENGLISH CONTENT!

Скачать First Steps in English. In the Town (Английский язык: первые шаги. В городе) (For Russian Language Speakers) бесплатно

First Steps in English. In the Town (Английский язык: первые шаги. В городе) (For Russian Language Speakers)
Тема книги: В городе.
Журнал "Сельская новь" с 1992 года выпускал прuложение - детский журнал "Cтригунок ", а в 1993 году вышла книжка "Стригунок-Ноttеhu" на двух языках - русском и немецком. Затем вышло издание на английском языке.
Учебная серия "First Steps in EngIish" состоит из 15 книг, каждая из которых посвящена определенной теме, хорошо знакомой детям из повседневной жизни ("Семья", "Школа" и т.п.). Отдельные книги дополняют дрyr дрyга, а вся серия в целом, представляющая собой тематический англо-русский словарь для детей, содержит более 1000 слов и достаточно полно охватывает различные стороны жизни ребенка.