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Скачать An Encounter with Reggio Emilia: Children's Early Learning made Visible бесплатно

An Encounter with Reggio Emilia: Children's Early Learning made Visible
The documentation of young children's learning plays a vital role in the pre-schools of Reggio Emilia. This leading edge approach to bringing record-keeping and assessment into the heart of young children's learning is envied and emulated by educators around the world. This unique, accessible and inspiring book is based upon a documentary approach successfully implemented by Stirling Council in Scotland, whose pre-school educators experienced dramatic improvements in their understandings about young children, how they learn and the potential unleashed in successfully engaging families in the learning process.

Скачать Follow Headway, Pre-Intermediate бесплатно

Follow Headway, Pre-Intermediate
Учебник по развитию навыков устной речи.
The study-book on development for verbal speech.

Скачать Trudy’s Time & Place House (CD-ROM) бесплатно

Trudy’s Time & Place House (CD-ROM)
In five fascinating activities students build early science skills and practice important scientific processes.

Students also expand their science vocabulary as they learn about plants, animals, seasons, and weather.

Special features include graphical and spoken instructions, questions, and feedback, which allow students to work independently and enhance comprehension, and a Field Notebook from which students can print creations and pages!

Скачать Bold Composer: A Story about Ludwig Van Beethoven бесплатно

Bold Composer: A Story about Ludwig Van Beethoven
A Chilrdren's Biography of  Ludwig Van Beethoven. Without a doubt the author of this biography presents her readers with a thorough and a very sympathetic portrait of Beethoven. We come to appreciate not only how talented and how admired Beethoven was, but also how lonely he was and how hard it was him to lose is hearing so early in his life. This is one of the titles in the “Creative Minds Biographies” series.

Скачать Jump start preschool interactive CD ROM бесплатно

Jump start preschool interactive CD ROM
The CD includes 17 sing & learn songs for your music player!

Educational software titles that have been specifically tailored for your child’s preschool and kindergarten needs. Our exclusive kindergarten software provides activities that are designed to enhance your child’s learning experience. Fun games teach word skills, numbers, early grammar skills and more. Ignite a passion for art, boost spelling abilities and encourage reading mastery through exciting, challenging games your child is sure to love!

Скачать Real Jobs for Real People (Student Book) бесплатно

Real Jobs for Real People (Student Book)
The guide was designed to help immigrants and refugees, learners of English as a Second Language, prepare for employment in the United States. While the focus is on development of job search, application, and work environment skills, development of appropriate vocabulary, some grammar, and communication skills are also emphasized. The materials consist of 13 topical instructional units, each containing background information, topic-related forms, dialogues, vocabulary, grammar practice, and some exercises. Unit topics include: learning about the local job market; what employers are looking for in a good worker; attitudes supporting success; work and welfare; paycheck deductions; preparing to look for a job; job search methods; filling out application forms; setting goals, writing resumes and personal information sheets; basic interview skills; what not to do in interviews; career planning; and on-the-job relationships.

Скачать Building Fluency 4 бесплатно

Building Fluency 4
Building Fluency contains everything teachers need to improve students’ reading fluency, one of five essential reading components identified in Reading First. Transparencies and assessment tools are included. The selections are engaging and humorous.

Скачать Goals for Academic Writing: ESL students and their instructors (Language Learning & Language Teaching) бесплатно

Goals for Academic Writing: ESL students and their instructors (Language Learning & Language Teaching)
This book documents the results of a multi-year project that investigated the goals for writing improvement among 45 students and their instructors in intensive courses of English as a Second Language (ESL) then, a year later, in academic programs at two Canadian universities. The researchers present a detailed framework to describe these goals from the perspectives of the students as well as their instructors. The goals are analyzed for groups of students from particular backgrounds internationally, for changes over time, and in relation to the ESL and academic courses. The authors use activity theory, goal theory, various sociolinguistic concepts, and multiple data sources (interviews, observations, stimulated recalls, questionnaires, and text analyses) to provide a contextually-grounded perspective on learning, teaching, writing, second-language development, and curriculum policy. The book will interest researchers, educators, and administrators of ESL, university, college, and literacy programs around the world.

Скачать SUPER SONGS (Songs for very young learners) бесплатно

SUPER SONGS (Songs for very young learners)
Прекрасная иллюстрированная коллекция традиционных английских песенок для самых маленьких учеников.
Книга сопровождается аудио-кассетой.
Издательство : OUP

A beautiful illustrated collection of traditional songs for young learners of English.
A cassette is available to accompany the book.

Audio file format: mp3
Duration: 50 min
Text file format: pdf

better quality audio added  Thanks to vadim2000!

Скачать A Fast Track Grammar Review бесплатно

A Fast Track Grammar Review
A fast track grammar review textbook for EFL teacher trainees and advanced EFL students.

A taxi driver needs to know his/her way around town, you need to know your way around grammar. Grammar is an important part of most EFL programs. You need a good grasp of grammar and know how to explain it simply and clearly to your students.

Your students will expect you to have an in depth understanding of grammar, and you will quickly lose confidence in you if you can’t deliver.

When you are standing in front of a classroom of five, ten, or even twenty or more students— you’ll be much more confident when those grammar questions show up. When you least expect it, students can ask you the most obscure questions, often in front of a large classes. Won’t feel a lot better knowing you have put in the effort to communicate the basics in a professionally effective manner?