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Скачать Recipes for Tired Teachers бесплатно

Recipes for Tired Teachers

Lesson Ideas for Classroom Use with minimal preparation
This resource book will be useful for teachers looking for new ideas to teach a variety of skills.
This is an overall great "idea" book for the ESL classroom.It is basically a book of activities for each different aspect of language teaching. It devotes entire units to more difficult-to-teach topics such as developing listening skills. Most of the activities are extremely interactional and would enhance student's communicative abilities, either directly or indirectly. This book is a great resource for finding just the right activity for your lesson plan. All activities are also easily adaptable for level and for subject area.

The second book in this series, "More Recipes for Tired Teachers" is available on Englishtips.

Скачать Am I teaching well? Self-Evaluation Strategies for Effective Teachers бесплатно

Am I teaching well? Self-Evaluation Strategies for Effective Teachers
Am I teaching well? Self-Evaluation Strategies for Effective Teachers

Am I doing the right thing in the classroom? Are my students learning all they could? Is there anything I could do to gain even more satisfaction from my job? Am I teaching well? If you ask yourself questions like these but aren't quite sure how to go about finding the answers, then this book is for you! Am I Teaching Well? Self-Evaluation Strategies for Effective Teachers is a resource for classroom practitioners, pre-service teachers and teacher trainers. Each chapter presents a series of self-assessment tasks that will help you reflect and improve on a wide range of aspects of your teaching practice. Topics include organizing for instruction, designing programs and lessons, using resources and integrating technology, classroom presentation, responding to student questions and encouraging student participation, providing feedback, increasing motivation, assessment, program evaluation, and professional development. Numerous self-evaluation exercises are fully photocopiable without infringement of copyright, and the book is illustrated throughout with humorous drawings. The table of contents clearly indicates the scope and richness of Am I Teaching Well? An appendix at the end of the book takes you step-by-step through procedures for self-evaluation using video- or audiorecording, a particularly effective strategy that will really let you see yourself as others see you.
Audience: Newly qualified to experienced teachers as well as teacher trainers interested in improving their classroom practices.

Скачать Top-Up Listening 3 (Book+Audio CD) бесплатно

Top-Up Listening 3 (Book+Audio CD)
Top-Up Listening 3 (Book+Audio CD)

Recognizing situations. Recognizing sounds. Unlocking meaning.
A 3-part series. For lower level ESL/EFL. Used in summer programs and other introductory ESL/EFL courses for international students.

Teaching English as it is actually spoken
Top-Up gives students practice in drawing meaning from naturally spoken English in two ways: using their knowledge of the world and of the language to guess what's coming next, and using their knowledge of how English is actually structured as a sound.
Whaddaweemean? - how words run together, how sounds are lost, how vowels naturally weaken and entire words are dropped. Without knowledge of such patterns, listening is impossible. Lots of practice! Lots of variety!

Sample pages
Sample teacher's notes
Sample audio files: 1, 2, 3

Скачать Atlas of the Sensory Organs бесплатно

Atlas of the Sensory Organs

A richly illustrated medical atlas of the five main human sensory systems together with their neural pathways, from primary sensation to processing by the brain.
The authors provide a detailed anatomical survey of each sensory organ, covering their ontogeny (development), central pathways, and functional mechanisms. Highlights include microanatomy and endoscopic images of the temporal bone, human embryonic specimens demonstrating the histology of the developing ear, and scanning electron micrographs of the organ of Corti and the vestibular receptors.
There are also easy-to-use tables providing an overview of the nerves and arteries of the eye and orbit and clinical specimens of the eye and optic pathways.

Скачать Proverbs: A Handbook by Wolfgang Mieder бесплатно

Proverbs: A Handbook by Wolfgang Mieder
Book Description
Just about everyone has heard at least one proverb, and most people have heard more. Proverbs offer a concise record of folk wisdom and have appeared in oral tradition, literature, art, and popular culture for centuries. One of the most varied and fascinating types of folklore, proverbs are studied at all levels and are of interest to a wide range of audiences. Written by the foremost authority on proverbs, this reference gives high school students, undergraduates, and general readers a concise yet comprehensive overview of proverbs in world culture. The volume begins with definitions and classifications of proverbs and a discussion of their origin and dissemination. It then discusses several representative proverbs from around the world. This is followed by a review of scholarship on proverbs. The book next looks at how several proverbs have appeared in political speeches, literature, popular culture, and everyday life. The handbook closes with a bibliography of print and electronic resources and a glossary. Included are numerous photos illustrating the role of proverbs around the world. (Amazon.com).

Скачать ENTERPRISE Listening Tests (2003) бесплатно

Listening Tests

The book includes listening tests for all levels of Enterprise (1, 2, 3, Plus, 4), tapescripts and answer key. There are 8-9 tests in each level, including Mid-term Test and Exit Test.

Скачать TESOL JOURNAL (1992-2001) бесплатно

TESOL JOURNAL (1992-2001)

Articles from TESOL Journal (1992-2001) (saved as html).

Скачать I am Responsible бесплатно

I am Responsible
I am Responsible

This book is about being responsible. As adults, we are accountable for certain tasks. This concept does not come easily to young children. The aim of this book is to help children understand that when they have a job to do, it is their responsibility-not anyone else’s to get it done.

Скачать I Accept You As You Are бесплатно

I Accept You As You Are
I Accept You As You Are

This book is about accepting differences in people. Recognizing and accepting that there are differences among their peers is an important step for children at this stage of development. Trying to embrace these differences without losing their own sense of self is an essential concept addressed in this book.

Скачать English For Kids бесплатно

English For Kids
English For Kids

This CD is a collection of English learning programs for children. 
Children can find many interesting and enjoable programs to learn English.