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Скачать An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology by J. N. Islam бесплатно

An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology by J. N. Islam

An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology by J. N. Islam
This book provides a concise introduction to the mathematical aspects of the origin, structure and evolution of the universe. The book begins with a brief overview of observational and theoretical cosmology, along with a short introduction of general relativity. It then goes on to discuss Friedmann models, the Hubble constant and deceleration parameter, singularities, the early universe, inflation, quantum cosmology and the distant future of the universe. This new edition contains a rigorous derivation of the Robertson-Walker metric. It also discusses the limits to the parameter space through various theoretical and observational constraints, and presents a new inflationary solution for a sixth degree potential. This book is suitable as a textbook for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. It will also be of interest to cosmologists, astrophysicists, applied mathematicians and mathematical physicists. (Amazon.com).

Скачать A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism бесплатно

A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism

A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism (Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture) Edited by Wendy Olmsted and Walter Jost
A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism offers the first major survey in two decades of the field of rhetorical studies and of the practice of rhetorical theory and criticism across a range of disciplines. The contributions are written by leading scholars from a variety of different fields and have all been specially commissioned for this volume. They focus on specific works, problems, or figures, pursuing theory and criticism from an engaged and practical perspective. The volume also includes an overview of rhetorical traditions, providing examples of rhetoric from ancient times to the present day. Designed to be accessible to a range of students and scholars, A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism elaborates in fascinating ways just what it means to "think like a rhetorician." (Amazon.com).

Скачать Time Management бесплатно

Time Management
Time Management
Effective time management is one of today's most overlooked-yet essential-keys to career growth in business and management. Time Management provides hands-on techniques and tools for making every minute count as it dispels myths that can actually cost instead of save valuable time. It helps managers match the right time-saving tool to each situation, reveals secrets for anticipating instead of reacting, and explains how any manager can eliminate procrastination.

Скачать Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction by Helen Morales бесплатно

Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction by Helen Morales

Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction by Helen Morales
Book Description
From Zeus and Europa, to Diana, Pan, and Prometheus, the myths of ancient Greece and Rome seem to exert a timeless power over us. But what do those myths represent, and why are they so enduringly fascinating? Why do seem to be such a potent way of talking about our selves, our origins, and our desires? This imaginative and stimulating Very Short Introduction goes beyond a simple retelling of the stories to explore the rich history and diverse interpretations of classical myths. It is a wide-ranging account, examining how classical myths are used and understood in both high art and popular culture, taking the reader from the temples of Crete to skyscrapers in New York, and finding classical myths in a variety of unexpected places: from arabic poetry and Hollywood films, to psychoanalysis, the bible, and New Age spiritualism. (Amazon.co.uk)

Скачать Handbook of Psychology, 12 Volume Set бесплатно

Handbook of Psychology, 12 Volume Set
Handbook of Psychology
12 Volume Set

Save Ј1,170.00 / €1,680.00 !!!
First of its kind, sure to set the standard for future psychology reference works.
Provides psychologists, practitioners, researchers, and students with complete and up-to-date information on the field of psychology.
Twelve volumes cover all of the fundamental areas of knowledge in the field.
Unlike an encyclopedia, the volumes in this set can stand alone as state-of-the-field handbooks. Together they cover both the science and the practice of psychology broadly and in depth. Each volume has its own editor(s) and contains some two dozen articles by experts who write well for an audience intended to include graduate students in behavioral science, professional psychologists who need a refresher course in their own specialty and/or an introduction to others, and educated readers outside of psychology who want to delve into it. Organized with great care, the set has a logical integrity unified by two threads: the history and evolution of each topic and the importance of research.

Скачать Steps to Writing Well with Additional Readings (with InfoTrac ) бесплатно

Steps to Writing Well with Additional Readings (with InfoTrac )
Steps to Writing Well
with Additional Readings
The informal, student-friendly tone of this rhetorically-organized rhetoric/reader/handbooks provides step-by-step instructions on writing a variety of short, 500-800-word essays. This is a text that both students and instructors can use easily.

Скачать 175 High-Impact Cover Letters бесплатно

175 High-Impact Cover Letters
175 High-Impact Cover Letters
Third Edition arms job seekers with an arsenal of highly effective professional cover letter models that, with minor modification, can be rapidly deployed as needed. You'll find a full chapter, complete with numerous models, dedicated to each of five different types of cover letters: employer broadcast letters, search firm broadcast letters, advertising response letters, networking cover letters, and resume letters.

Скачать Last Words: Variations on a Theme in Cultural History by Karl S. Guthke бесплатно

Last Words: Variations on a Theme in Cultural History by Karl S. Guthke

Last Words: Variations on a Theme in Cultural History by Karl S. Guthke

Whether Goethe actually cried "More light!" on his deathbed, or whether Conrad Hilton checked out of this world after uttering "Leave the shower curtain on the inside of the tub," last words, regardless of authenticity, have long captured the imagination of Western society. In this playfully serious investigation based on factual accounts, anecdotes, literary works, and films, Karl Guthke explores the cultural importance of those words spoken at the border between this world and the next. The exit lines of both famous and ordinary people embody for us a sense of drama and truthfulness and reveal much about our thoughts on living and dying. Why this interest in last words? Presenting statements from such figures as Socrates, Nathan Hale, Marie Antoinette, and Oscar Wilde ("I am dying as I have lived, beyond my means"), Guthke examines our fascination in terms of our need for closure, our desire for immortality, and our attraction to the mystique of death scenes. The author considers both authentic and invented final statements as he looks at the formation of symbols and legends and their function in our culture. Last words, handed down from generation to generation like cultural heirlooms, have a good chance of surviving in our collective memory. They are shown to epitomize a life, convey a sense of irony, or play to an audience, as in the case of the assassinated Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, who is said to have died imploring journalists: "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something." (press.princeton.edu).

Скачать The Psychology of Leadership - New Perspectives and Research бесплатно

The Psychology of Leadership
In this book, some of the world's leading scholars come together to describe their thinking and research on the topic of the psychology of leadership. The editors' goal was not to focus the chapters on a single approach to the study and conceptualization of leadership but rather to display the diversity of issues that surround the topic.
Leadership scholars have identified a host of approaches to the study of leadership. What are the personal characteristics of leaders? What is the nature of the relation between leaders and followers? Why do we perceive some people to be better leaders than others? What are the circumstances that evoke leadership qualities in people? Can leadership be taught? And so on.
The contributions to this book examine these important questions and fall into three categories: conceptions of leadership, factors that influence the effectiveness of leadership, and the consequences and effects of leadership on the leader. We hope that this book is equally useful to those who are or would be leaders and to those who study the topic.

Скачать The Handbook of Phonological Theory бесплатно

The Handbook of Phonological Theory
The Handbook of Phonological Theory

This volume brings together for the first time a detailed examination of the state of phonological theory in this decade. In a series of essays on topics as varied as underspecification theory, prosodic morphology, and syllable structure, 38 leading phonologists offer a critical survey of the guiding ideas that lie behind this active area of linguistic research. In all cases, the contributions have been written by leading researchers, and in many cases, the chapters of this Handbook are the first published expositions of new perspectives which have already begun to shape the climate of research in the field.