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Скачать The Power of Verbal Intelligence: 10 Ways to Tap into Your Verbal Genius бесплатно

The Power of Verbal Intelligence: 10 Ways to Tap into Your Verbal Genius
Simple techniques to help improve your recall How to be brilliant with words -- reading, speaking, remembering and understanding them!
Includes the best of Buzan's world-famous techniques for improving recall and understanding.
Increase your vocabulary. Learn to speed read.

Скачать Glencoe Biology (California Edition) – Interactive Student Edition (2007) бесплатно

Glencoe Biology (California Edition) – Interactive Student Edition (2007)
Glencoe Biology
helps all students succeed with its organization around major Themes, Big Ideas, and Main Ideas of biology and its strong support for reading comprehension. This program's comprehensive content is made relevant to students through engaging real-world contexts. A wide variety of lab experiences builds strong inquiry skills. The abundance of differentiated instructional strategies helps teachers reach all learners.
Reading age for native speakers: High School students

Скачать 1500 Key Words for $100,000 Jobs: Tools to Build Winning Resumes бесплатно

1500 Key Words for $100,000 Jobs: Tools to Build Winning Resumes
In the high tech world where resumes and cover letters are pre-processed electronically, every edge you can get is worthwhile. Nowadays a highly qualified candidate can be completely shut out of the interview process simply by the words that they use in their correspondance with the company.
This book is primarily a directory of keywords that one should use in various fields if they are seeking a job. These "buzzwords" are not replacements for actual content in the documents but rather should be used like spices to add flavoring to the piece.
If you are new to the job market, changing careers, or just having trouble being seen, this book might help you add some of the necessary spices to make resume just that much more attractive to potential employers.

Скачать In Company Intermediate STUDENT'S BOOK + AUDIO + CD-rom (Macmillan Business English) бесплатно

In Company Intermediate STUDENT'S BOOK + AUDIO + CD-rom (Macmillan Business English)
In Company Intermediate takes learners through 20 progressively more challenging units ranging from basic networking, information-sharing and small talk to higher order skills such as problem-solving, presenting and negotiating. The course reflects the need for learners at this level to consolidate their grammatical awareness, increase their lexical range and, above all, boost their communicative power in both professional and social situations. Themes: International English, Making contacts, Making call, ,Buisness travel, Handling calls, Big business, E-mail and more.
Interactive CD-rom added by inesap

Скачать Brilliant - 1- Pupil's Book (Book + Audio) бесплатно

Первая книга из курса английского языка Brilliant для детей младшего школьного возраста. Красочный учебник, содержащий простые тексты для чтения, объяснения грамматических структур, новые лексические единицы, упражнения для развития навыков письма, упражнения для аудирования, легко запоминающиеся пеceнки и проверка уровня усвоения материала в конце каждого раздела.

Brilliant is a four-level primary course which follows the adventures of the same characters throughout each level. Absorbing and colourful story with stimulating practice, smple explanations of grammatical structures, clear presentation of new vocabulary, controlled writing practice, listening exercises with stickers in every unit and much more

Скачать The Oxford Picture Dictionary Teacher's Book бесплатно

English level:
Beginner to Intermediate (young adults and adults) A comprehensive, flexible, and up-to-date vocabulary reference and teaching tool for English language learning. The Oxford Picture Dictionary and its components create a highly teachable programme that can be used as a complete, four-skills beginning course, or as a language development supplement and practical reference.
Key Features: Teacher's Book
  • Wrap-around design allows the teacher to view the teaching notes alongside reduced, full-colour Dictionary pages
  • Teaching strategies for speaking and listening within step-by-step lesson plans
  • Factual information and cultural notes

Скачать On Becoming a Novelist бесплатно

On Becoming a Novelist
Gardner's sympathetic On Becoming a Novelist is the novelist's ultimate comfort food--better than macaroni and cheese, better than chocolate. Gardner, a fiction writer himself (Grendel), knows in his bones the desperate questioning of a writer who's not sure he's up to the task. He recognizes the validation that comes with being published, just as he believes that "for a true novel there is generally no substitute for slow, slow baking."

Скачать Dora the Explorer - I Love My Papi бесплатно

Dora the Explorer - I Love My Papi
Dora and her Papi play baseball,go to the beach, read books and do lots of other fun things together.


Скачать Teaching Culture as Behaviour бесплатно

Teaching Culture as Behaviour
Книги и статьи Профессора Тамбовского ГУ Радислава Мильруда, включая сборник упражнений по грамматике для upper-intermediate level с ключами. Адресованы преподавателям методики, методистам университетов и ИПК, работникам образования, педагогическим менеджерам. Содержание представляет интерес для работающих и будущих учителей, аспирантов, преподавателей педагогических вузов, а также широкого круга специалистов, интересующихся проблемами профессионального развития учителей английского языка.

This collection presents articles and books by Radislav Milrood, Professor, Tambov State University, Russian Federation. The papers deal with English teacher professional development, research in Education, and ELT Methodology. The English Grammar Book for  upper-intermediate level students contains the keys.

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Скачать Carson-Dellosa's Patterns бесплатно

A series of reproducible patterns for bulletin boards, decorations, awards, name tags, bookmarks, and more!!!