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Скачать Old English Grammar бесплатно

Old English Grammar
Old English Grammar
by Joseph Wright & Elizabeth Mary Wright
(Rare Book Collection)

This Grammar is not intended for specialists, therefore some details of more or less importance have been intentionally omitted, but the volume contains all that the ordinary student will require to know about the subject. The student who thoroughly masters the book will not only have gained a comprehensive knowledge of Old English, but will also have acquired the elements of Comparative Germanic grammar.

Скачать Ten Everyday Math Activities for Parents and Kids бесплатно

Ten Everyday Math Activities for Parents and Kids

The ten everyday math activities in this kit build math into the things most families already do--ordinary routines such as figuring out ways to save money, to share fairly, or to get somewhere on time. With these activities, children practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and using other important math skills while doing tasks that are a regular part of life.

Скачать The Cambridge Guide to English Usage бесплатно

The Cambridge Guide to English Usage
The Cambridge Guide to English Usage is an A-Z reference book, giving an up-to-date account of the debatable issues of English usage and written style. Its advice draws on a wealth of recent research and data from very large corpora of American and British English - illuminating their many divergences and also points of convergence on which international English can be based. The book comprises more than 4000 points of word meaning, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and larger issues of inclusive language, and effective writing and argument. It also provides guidance on grammatical terminology, and covers topics in electronic communication and the internet. The discussion notes the major dictionaries, grammars and usage books in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, allowing readers to calibrate their own practices as required. CGEU is descriptive rather than prescriptive, but offers a principled basis for implementing progressive or more conservative decisions on usage.


A photocopiable resource for buzy teachers
Jane Myles
Elementary – Intermediate
96 pages
Aimed at students who have 1 to 3+ years of English, age group 11-16 years old (grown-ups will also like the suff). The book is designed to provide a range of games and activities which extend students’ knowledge of US culture. Topics include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Groundhog Day, Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July.
Have Fun Teaching! )

Скачать Thankgiving - activity book бесплатно

Thankgiving - activity book

unit study adventures

prayer, pilgrims, native Americans
activity book

Скачать The Everything Kids Sharks Book бесплатно

The Everything Kids Sharks Book
The Everything
Kids Sharks Book
Dive into fun infested waters
puzzles, activities and fun facts


Скачать Talk Your Way to the Top: How to Address Any Audience Like Your Career Depends On It бесплатно

Talk Your Way to the Top: How to Address Any Audience Like Your Career Depends On It
Talk Your Way to the Top: How to Address Any Audience Like Your Career Depends On It
Book Description

Field-proven presentation tips and communication skills, from two of today's top corporate coaches

Every business situation is both a presentation and a chance to leave a positive impression. In Talk Your Way to the Top, corporate communications gurus Kevin Daley and Laura Daley-Caravella give readers the know-how to recognize and maximize the opportunities they face throughout the day.

Each chapter represents a specific situation, from running a meeting to disagreeing with the boss, and outlines the steps needed to handle it with poise, skill, and success.

Communication has a tremendous impact on how professionals are judged. Talk Your Way to the Top gives them the skills they need to:

  • Know when and where to speak up--versus when to shut up
  • Convey passion and make it contagious
  • Connect with an audience on multiple levels

Скачать A Shakespearian Grammar бесплатно

A Shakespearian Grammar
A Shakespearian Grammar
by E.A. Abbott
(Rare Book Collection)

The work is a complete book of reference for all difficulties of Shakespearian syntax or prosody. For this purpose the whole of Shakespeare has been re-read, and an attempt has been made to include within this edition the explanation of every idiomatic difficulty (where the text is not confessedly corrupt) that comes within the province of a grammar as distinct from a glossary. The great object being to make a useful book of reference for students, and especially for classes in schools, several Plays have been indexed so fully that with the aid of a glossary and historical notes the references will serve for a complete commentary. A complete table of the contents of each paragraph has been prefixed, together with a Verbal Index at the end. The indexes may be of use to students of a more advanced stage, and perhaps may occasionally be found useful to the general reader of Shakespeare.

Скачать Encyclopedia of Movie Special Effects (2001 Edition) бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Movie Special Effects (2001 Edition)
The Enclyclopedia of Movie Special Effects has all you'd ever what to know about filmmaking, special effects, and stuntwork. Everything from 1925's landmark "The Lost World" to 1999's "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" is included with great detail and frequent illustrations. It also includes biographies of the great film magicians like Alfred Hitchcock and Stan Winston. Each entry also includes various links to other publications for further reading, making it a great reference piece for the film geek in all of us. Plus, the index includes a listing of every makeup, special effects, and visual effects Oscar given, proving that this book is an invaluable addition to any true filmlover's collection.

Скачать The everything Kid's bugs book бесплатно

The everything Kid's bugs book
The everything

Kid's bugs book
From creepy crawlies to winged wonders
puzzles, games and trivia for hours of squishy fun
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