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Скачать Grammar Time бесплатно

Grammar Time
Grammar Time
Grammar time reflects the likes and interests of young learners and puts grammar in imaginative and humorous contexts that make learning fun.

Grammar Time gives learners all the support they need with detailed reference tables and grammar notes

Special ‘Tip’ boxes appear next to the tasks to give useful advice on common difficulties.

Easy-to-follow grammar practice in carefully graded learning steps.

Скачать 'Really Learn 100 Phrasal Verbs' by Dilys Parkinson бесплатно

100 составных глаголов (phrasal verbs) - это много или мало? Поначалу кажется, что очень мало: ведь для мало-мальски уверенного владения иностранным языком надо знать несколько тысяч слов. Однако знания ста основных составных глаголов достаточно для понимания адаптированной литературы и фильмов без перевода. Хотя всего в английском языке около пяти тысяч составных глаголов (phrasal verbs), только несколько десятков употребляются в живой разговорной речи, и еще две-три сотни нередко встречаются в книгах и журналах. Пособие Really learn 100 phrasal verbs охватывает самые необходимые для изучающих английский язык составные глаголы.

Для кого написан этот учебник
Это пособие пригодится студентам среднего уровня. Оно предназначено для самостоятельных занятий. Те, кто еще не достиг среднего уровня, также найдут учебник полезным и понятным: объяснения и примеры просты и не перегружены ненужной информацией.

Really learn 100 phrasal verbs - отличное пособие. С его помощью можно действительно научиться понимать и правильно употреблять основные составные глаголы. Рекомендую.
Эта книга впервые появляется в интернете и была отсканирована специально для нашего сайта.

Скачать ELS - English Through Reading бесплатно

ELS - English Through Reading

ELS - English Trough Reading
75 Intermediate
75 Upper Intermediate
50 Advanced

200 reading passages and Vocabulary studies

Скачать The Economics of Contracts-Theories and Applications бесплатно

Welcome Starter B Activity Book
Welcome Starter b
comprises three modules of two units each. It provides practice on all four skills. There is also a starter unit on the alphabet.

Скачать Sesame English ESL for Children - Animals and Pets бесплатно

Sesame English ESL for Children - Animal and Pets
Обучающий курс Sesame English - ESL for children, серия, предназначенная для детей,
изучающих английский, как второй язык.
Каждая программа построена на собственной сюжетной линии.
Забавный пушистик Тинго и его подруга Ники, непринужденно и с юмором помогут Вашим детям в обучении.

Скачать TIMESAVER - Newspaper Articles to get Teenagers Talking бесплатно

TIMESAVER - Newspaper Articles to get Teenagers Talking

A photocopiable resource for busy teachers
This rich resource provides a collection of authentic newspaper articles from a variety of British newspapers. The stimulating articles encourage students to contextualise the topic and then engage in lively discussion.

This rich resource provides a collection of authentic newspaper articles from a variety of British newspapers. The stimulating articles encourage students to contextualise the topic and then engage in lively discussion.
The articles cover the following areas: Lifestyle, Moral Issues, Wokk and Education, Food and Health and World Issues.
Vocabulary and comprehension activities accompany each article and these highlight the key language items needed for the ensuing discussion. An answer key is included.
The introduction provides suggestions on managing successful discussions, as well as background information on the British press.

Скачать Intermediate Matters Student's Book бесплатно

Intermediate Matters Student's Book
Intermediate Matters Student's Book
with extra communicative activities

Студенческая тетрадь к курсу Matters Intermediate от Longman.

The course provides approximately 90-120 hours of classroom material. Each of the twenty units has a clear but flexible structure.
Topics are lively and rich in human interest. A wide range of accessible authentic listening and reading material form the basis for extensive skills development.

Великолепно распознанная книга с сайта наших украинских друзей.


Due to lopoukh   audio added!

Others Matters on Englishtips:
Matters Intermediate - workbook
Matters Upper-Intermediate - workbook

Скачать Accounting Best Practices by Steven M. Bragg бесплатно

Accounting Best Practices by Steven M. Bragg
Book Description
New best practices for the evolving business
Everyone knows that adopting accounting best practices can improve efficiency and reduce error rates in the accounting department, but less obvious are the benefits gained from better reporting of information to other parts of the company. More accurate data reported faster can play an integral role in both short- and long-term strategic planning. Accounting guru Steven Bragg explains how to leverage this and other opportunities in his authoritative Accounting Best Practices, Third Edition.
Bragg adds over sixty new best practices to his benchmark resource, concentrating primarily on the areas of:
* Internal auditing
* Accounts payable
* Finance
* Payroll
Bragg highlights the dos and don'ts of best practices implementation, and a new reference system renders the expansive collection of best practices readily accessible. Accounting and financial managers, internal and external auditors, and consultants will find Accounting Best Practices, Third Edition to be a peerless resource. (amazon.com)

Скачать Topical News Lessons - Binder 1 бесплатно

Topical News Lessons
3 levels per topic!

Скачать Hidden Financial Risk: Understanding Off Balance Sheet Accounting by J. Edward Ketz бесплатно

Hidden Financial Risk: Understanding Off Balance Sheet Accounting by J. Edward Ketz
Book Description
An insider's guide to understanding and eliminating accounting fraud
How do these high-profile accounting scandals occur and what could have been done to prevent them. Hidden Financial Risk fills that void by examining methods for off balance sheet accounting, with a particular emphasis on special purpose entities (SPE), the accounting ruse of choice at Enron and other beleaguered companies. J. Edward Ketz identifies the incentives for managers to deceive investors and creditors about financial risk and also shows investors how to protect their investments in a world filled with accounting and auditing frauds.
J. Edward Ketz, PhD (State College, PA) is MBA Faculty Director and Associate Professor of Accounting at Penn State's Smeal College of Business. He has been cited in the press nearly 300 times since Enron's bankruptcy, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.. He has a regular column in Accounting Today. (amazon.com)