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Скачать Bilingualism in the Primary School: A Handbook for Teachers бесплатно

Bilingualism in the Primary School: A Handbook for Teachers
Bilingualism in the Primary School gives primary teachers a window on the experience of the bilingual children in their care. It helps them to make the most of what the children and their parents have to offer, giving those children a good start in the National Curriculum.
The book covers three main areas: first, the ways in which bilingual children in school can learn English and at the same time have their first languages incorporated naturally into the curriculum; second, various approaches to the assessment of oral language (including children’s mother tongue); and, finally, the bilingual experience of children, teachers and parents within the wider community.

Скачать Read My Mind: Young Children, Poetry and Learning бесплатно

Read My Mind: Young Children, Poetry and Learning
Fred Sedgwick argues that through poetry, children can learn about the whole curriculum, including history and science. The book discusses poetry in terms of children's learning and the imagination. Case studies are used to show how children learn about themselves - first, their bodies, and second, their thoughts and emotions - through the writing of poetry. It then considers how children learn about their environment and the relationship between themselves and their environment. Finally, he discusses his techniques for getting children to write and provides recommendations for further reading.

Скачать Overcoming Learning & Behaviour Difficulties бесплатно

Overcoming Learning & Behaviour Difficulties
In the context of recent UK legislation, partnership as a response to learning and behaviour difficulties is much encouraged. The book discusses practices of control and empowerment within the classroom (which are relevant in a range of contexts, not just UK). Guidance for work with individual pupils and whole class groups is provided.

Скачать Teaching and Learning Secondary Science бесплатно

Teaching and Learning Secondary Science
In Teaching and Learning Secondary Science Jerry Wellington (with Mick Nott and Jon Scaife) discusses the major issues in science education today. This discussion is used to support very practical resources for teachers in training, practising teachers and mentors.

Скачать Teaching Young Adults бесплатно

Teaching Young Adults
Further and Higher Education in the UK has expanded greatly in recent years, bringing into education large numbers of young people who present teachers with new challenges. At the same time, there is an immense pressure to improve the quality of learning and teaching and to encourage students to be active participants in the process. This book is aimed at teachers, aspiring teachers and other professionals in upper secondary schools, further education colleges and universities who wish to increase learner motivation and to create opportunities for greater learner autonomy.

Скачать Thinking Through the Curriculum бесплатно

Thinking Through the Curriculum
This book tackles the issue of whether and how thinking should be taught in schools and explores how best to help children become effective thinkers and learners.

Скачать Body Language for Competent Teachers бесплатно

Body Language for Competent Teachers
This book is intended for new classroom teachers, including licensed and articled teachers, and those who advise and train them. The section on initial encounters with groups will be valuable to many others who have the same need as teachers to show authority, such as youth group workers and playground supervisors.

Скачать The Living Environment (New York Edition 2007) – Interactive Student Edition бесплатно

The Living Environment (New York Edition 2007) – Interactive Student Edition
"The Living Environment" provides comprehensive coverage of the required state standards to help meet the Regents exam. To aid student comprehension the conceptual presentation is organized around Themes, Big Ideas, and Main Ideas in biology. Themes are overarching concepts used throughout the entire book that help students make connections between various topics and concepts. Students will be able to see and understand how biology is related to all living things. Big Ideas found on the Unit Opener pages summarize each chapter and help students focus on the topics that relate to the themes. These Big Ideas are broken down into Main Ideas at the section level; the Main Ideas draw students' attention to more specific details. All of the Main Ideas of a chapter add up to the chapter's Big Idea.

Скачать Literature: Reading with Purpose (Course 2) - Active Learning and Note Taking Guide (ELL) бесплатно

Literature: Reading with Purpose (Course 2) - Active Learning and Note Taking Guide (ELL)
Give non-native speakers the added benefit of exclusive English Language Coach side notes to help them better understand key concepts in informational text - especially those related to vocabulary and usage. The Active Learning and Note Taking Guide (ELL) will help ELL (English Language Learner) students get started by providing plentiful sample answers as they learn to apply the Cornell Note Taking system to informational text in their Student Edition. Students will develop effective reading strategies for informational text with an active reading approach that lets them interact with and mark up text for increased understanding.

Скачать Literature: Reading with Purpose, Course 2 - Interactive Student Edition (2007) бесплатно

Literature: Reading with Purpose, Course 2 - Interactive Student Edition (2007)
"Literature: Reading with Purpose" is the first research-based middle school language arts program that effectively combines strong skill development and incredible reading. Scaffolding and spiraling of skills builds a strong, necessary language arts foundation. Students will be motivated, not frustrated by high–interest, leveled selections that engage and appeal to this tough audience. An enquiry-based "Big Question" approach within a unique "Workshop" lesson format gives students a purpose and meaningful context for their reading. You can differentiate, remediate, and accelerate with one book that will bring all students into the community of learners!
Reading age for native speakers: Middle School students (7th grade)