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Скачать British or American English?: A Handbook of Word and Grammar Patterns бесплатно

British or American English?: A Handbook of Word and Grammar Patterns
Speakers of British and American English display some striking differences in their use of grammar. In this detailed survey, John Algeo considers questions such as: •Who lives on a street, and who lives in a street? •Who takes a bath, and who has a bath? •Who says Neither do I, and who says Nor do I? •After 'thank you', who says Not at all and who says You're welcome? •Whose team are on the ball, and whose team isn't? Containing extensive quotations from real-life English on both sides of the Atlantic, collected over the past twenty years, this is a clear and highly organized guide to the differences - and the similarities - between the grammar of British and American speakers. Written for those with no prior knowledge of linguistics, it shows how these grammatical differences are linked mainly to particular words, and provides an accessible account of contemporary English in use.

Скачать A Glossary of English Grammar бесплатно

A Glossary of English Grammar
This alphabetical guide clearly defines standard grammatical terms and shows how they are used, encompassing variants as found in Huddleston and Pullum's Cambridge Grammar of the English Language.

Скачать Active Training: A Handbook of Techniques, Designs, Case Examples, and Tips бесплатно

Active Training: A Handbook of Techniques, Designs, Case Examples, and Tips

Since 1990, Mel Silberman’s classic book, Active Training, has been a runaway best-seller for trainers at all levels and a popular text for university level courses in adult education and training. The active training method—which turns the spotlight away from the instructor and put the emphasis on the learner—has emerged over time as a proven and reliable method for enhancing involvement, learning, and change.

The third edition of Active Training, provides a thorough introduction to the core principles of active training design and delivery and includes a wealth of examples, tips, and techniques. The book has been revised to reflect the latest trends in workforce training and key sections, such as assessment and evaluation, have been thoroughly updated. In addition, a completely new chapter has been included to cover the design of active training for e-learning and online applications.

Скачать Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom- 2nd edition бесплатно

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom- 2nd edition
This new edition includes information on the eighth intelligence (the naturalist), a chapter on a possible ninth intelligence (the existential), and updated information and resources throughout the text to help educators at all levels apply MI theory to curriculum development, lesson planning, assessment, special education, cognitive skills, educational technology, career development, educational policy, and more.

Скачать Learning from Research on Teaching, Volume 11: Perspective, Methodology, and Representation (Advances in Research on Teaching) бесплатно

Learning from Research on Teaching, Volume 11: Perspective, Methodology, and Representation (Advances in Research on Teaching)
This volume is designed to accomplish three primary purposes: (1) illustrate a variety of qualitative methods that researchers have used to study teaching and teacher education; (2) assess the affordances and constraints of these methods and the ways that they focus and shape explorations of teaching; and (3) illuminate representative questions and findings associated with each method described.

The book is organized around three issues that impact research in qualitative paradigms: perspective, methodology, and representation. The first section, "Perspective: Whom Should I Ask?," explores what can be learned by assessing teaching from different perspectives (teachers, teacher educators, students, parents), emphasizing that the perspective of the respondent influences what we can learn and shapes both our questions and our potential findings. The second section "Methodology: How Do I Look?," addresses some of the qualitative research strategies that have been used to study teaching, including historical accounts, photos, drawings, and video. The third section, "Representation: How Do I Show What I Saw?," explores the affordances and constraints of narratives, practical arguments, video ethnography, portfolios, and theater as methods for representing research findings.

Скачать Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching бесплатно

Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching
The framework for teaching is a research-based set of components of instruction that are grounded in a constructivist view of learning and teaching.
The framework may be used for many purposes, but its full value is realized as the foundation for professional conversations among practitioners as they seek to enhance their skill in the complex task of teaching. The framework may be used as the foundation of a school’s or district’s recruitment and hiring, mentoring, coaching, professional development, and teacher evaluation processes, thus linking all those activities together and helping teachers become more thoughtful practitioners.

Скачать Talk a Lot бесплатно

Talk a Lot
Talk a Lot
Spoken English Course
by Matt Purland
A Great New Way to Learn Spoken English
Elementary Book 2

• Complete 12-week spoken English course
• All materials, instructions and answers are included
• Brand new and unique learning method
• Learn and recall questions, answers and negatives
using 8 common verb forms
• Learn 400+ essential vocabulary words
• 100% photocopiable

Скачать Upstream Pre-intermediate B1 Workbook бесплатно

Upstream Pre-intermediate B1 Workbook
Upstream Pre-intermediate is a modular secondary-level course for learners of the English language at CEF B1 level. It's very useful if you intend to take PET, because it helps students to get used to completing tasks similar to those they'll have to do during the exam. It also builds up essential vocabulary and develops all four language skills through realistic tasks which encourage the learner's personal engagement. The workbook contains a wide range of exercises to practice the language and grammar provided in the coursebook. It has stimulating reading and listening tasks and practice on all types of writing with full models.

Скачать Inside Out Advanced Workbook ( pdf + CD ) бесплатно

Inside Out Advanced Workbook ( pdf + CD )
CD к рабочей тетради Inside Out Advanced.
Inside Out Advanced Workbook CD
Grammar exercises and further vocabulary practice. Complete writing syllabus linked to the language and situations in the Student’s Book. Accompanying Workbook Cassette is also available on Audio CD. Without Key editions include a short story.
Workbook added thanks to antp

Скачать Brain Buster Quiz бесплатно

Brain Buster Quiz
Brain Buster Quiz is a highly interactive, entertaining quiz hosted by Seemore Skinless. This programme will appeal to children's natural competitive nature urging them to think fast and respond quickly. Over 1500 challenging and entertaining questions test children on their own or head to head with a friend on subjects that support the school curriculum. The graded questions cover Maths, Science, History, Geography, English and general knowledge. Children will be inspired and motivated to learn as they compete to get a place on Seemore's Hall of Fame. The fast pace and humorous nature of this quiz will improve children's mental agility, helping them to prepare for tests.