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Скачать Mother Goose Jazz Chants бесплатно

Mother Goose Jazz Chants
Mother Goose Jazz Chants is a collection of 28 well-known and loved nursery rhymes and childhood songs with over 50 lively variations by Carolyn Graham. Students new to English are charmed by traditional rhymes like "Mary Had A Little Lamb", and go on to exploit them and have fun with language in variations such as "Freddy Had a Little Frog" and "Harry Had a Little Horse". The beautifully illustrated book is full colour throughout, making it a favourite with children and adults alike. Teacher's notes appear at the front of the book, and a structure key is included at the back.
==credit goes to pazrosa==

Скачать English in Mind Starter Student's Book + Teacher's Book бесплатно

English in Mind Starter Student's Book + Teacher's Book
The book offers a comprehensive and clear approach to language and skills work. The themes will certainly motivate students.
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Скачать Effortless English-New method learning english бесплатно

Effortless English-New method learning english
Effortless English uses the best research in the world, from top experts such as: Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. James Asher, Dr. J. Marvin Brown, Dr. Ashley Hastings, Dr. Brenda Murphy, David Long and Blaine Ray.  The research is clear-- students who use Effortless English are better speakers than students who use textbooks, grammar, and self-study only. In every country, in every possible situation, students who learn with Effortless English methods always win against students who use old methods.

The course give you
* The incredible Way to Learn Vocabulary and Grammar Without Study-- Listen & Answer Mini-Stories. These lessons are simple and amazing. You learn grammar and vocabulary without study or memorizing.
* The Deep Learning method that helps members use English automatically. No more translating. No more thinking. The words just come out.
* The way to learn English in a relaxing way by listening to real English articles about interesting topics.
* The way to avoid grammar study and instead learn grammar like children-- naturally.
* How my best students learn, how they study,-- and how you can learn English faster.
* How to raise your iBT TOEFL speaking and listening scores 20%, 30%, or even 40%.
* Lessons that help you learn English 4X faster.

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Скачать НЕсерьезные уроки. Английский язык. Шаг 2 бесплатно

НЕсерьезные уроки. Английский язык. Шаг 2

С этим сборником обучающих игр у ребенка появится прекрасная возможность весело и с пользой провести время. Красочные и увлекательные игры в занимательной форме помогут развить навыки восприятия английской речи на слух и значительно расширить словарный запас.

Скачать НЕсерьезные уроки. Английский язык. Шаг 1 бесплатно

НЕсерьезные уроки. Английский язык. Шаг 1

Вместе с забавными и добродушными персонажами ребенок в игровой веселой форме запомнит свои первые слова на английском языке и получит базовые знания, необходимые для дальнейшего совершенствования языковых навыков.

Скачать Cutting Edge - Elementary (Student's Book + Teacher's Resource Book) бесплатно

Cutting Edge - Elementary (Student's Book + Teacher's Resource Book)
Если не считать собственно указаний к проведению уроков курса, в этой книге преподаватели найдут один из самых удачных, на мой взгляд, сборников с дополнительными заданиями для того, чтобы разнообразить свои уроки, сделать их интереснее и веселее. Преподаватели всего мира ценят этот курс за продуманность и основательность программы, а также за большое разнообразие  дополнительных материалов. Данное учебное пособие позволяет дать студентам прочные знания в области грамматики, акцентирует их внимание на наиболее часто употребляемых словах и выражениях, аз четко структурированные заданияэффективно развиваюткоммуникативные навыки учащихся.
Cutting Edge is a multi-level general English course for adults and young adults. It combines rich international content, comprehensive grammar, and real-life functional language within a clear, easy-to-teach structure. Cutting Edge Teacher's Resource Book provides teachers with all the support they need in order to be able to use the course successfully in a variety of teaching situations.
  • Teacher's tips section with practical ideas on teaching vocabulary and grammar, using the Mini-dictionary and making speaking tasks work.
  • Step-by-step Teacher's notes with suggestions for alternative procedures and extension activities.
  • The integrated photocopiable Resource bank provides up to 30 hours of additional material to consolidate and extend the Students' Book. It includes learner-training worksheets, communicative activities to provide additional practice of grammar and vocabulary, and progress tests.
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    Скачать Learning English Grammar бесплатно

    Learning English Grammar
    Learning English Grammar For:School of Agriculture Development(SPP) Negeri,Pelaihari was edited by Warih Nugroho,DVM.He compiled this small ebook of 36 pages for his sudents by collecting articles from the Internet so that he can teach To Learn English.

    To Silvana. with Love.

    Скачать Headway - Talking Points бесплатно

    Headway - Talking Points
    One of the book from Headway series meant to use during speaking classes. It is very useful to develop fluency and to achive proficiency in speaking.

    Скачать Algebra for the Utterly Confused (Utterly Confused Series) бесплатно

    Algebra for the Utterly Confused (Utterly Confused Series)
    Students and professionals alike must tap into their knowledge of algebra everyday, whether it's for the SATs, college courses, or even the workplace.

    Author Larry Stephens presents a super-accessible approach to the subject that even the most math-phobic student can follow, featuring simplified rules and techniques based on real-world problems that use the principles of algebra for their solutions.

    Algebra for the Utterly Confused offers a user-friendly, logical, step-by-step approach to the fundamentals of algebra, integrating contemporary software as one of the key tools to assist in the solutions of the problems, including MINITAB, Excel spreadsheets, and Maple.


    Handy icons help students visualize concepts and techniques.

    More than 200 solved problems and examples aid students in working out algebraic solutions.

    Summary of key points for every chapter reinforces covered topics.

    Скачать California Mathematics (Concepts, Skills, Problem Solving), Grade 4 – Teacher Wraparound Edition (2009) бесплатно

    California Mathematics (Concepts, Skills, Problem Solving), Grade 4 – Teacher Wraparound Edition (2009)
    California Mathematics: Concepts, Skills, and Problem Solving - TWE
    includes diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment; data-driven instruction; intervention options; and performance tracking, as well as remediation, acceleration, and enrichment tools throughout the program. Teachers can use the myriad of intervention tips and ancillary materials to address the needs of all students.

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