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Скачать How to Help Beginning Teachers Succeed бесплатно

How to Help Beginning Teachers Succeed

Gordon and Maxey explore the reasons beginning teachers struggle and provide research-based plans for helping these newcomers make the most of their initial teaching years. They propose Beginning Teacher Assistance Programs (BTAPs) as a practical strategy for success. BTAPs have a proven track record for improving beginning teachers= skills, attitudes, and chances of fulfilling their potential as educators.

Скачать Helping Teachers Develop бесплатно

Helping Teachers Develop
Helping teachers develop - whether they're trainees, newly or recently qualified, in their first three, ten or twenty years, and whether they're superb or struggling - is vital for the profession, for the millions of children who'll learn more as a result.
Schools have to take greater responsibility for staff's continuing professional development (CPD) but there is little real help for the people who develop teachers. The best teachers will be expected to mentor trainee and newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and share good practice with all colleagues.

Скачать Seeing Through Teachers' Eyes: Professional Ideals and Classroom Practice бесплатно

Seeing Through Teachers' Eyes: Professional Ideals and Classroom Practice
In this book, Karen Hammerness uses vision to shed light on the complex relationship between teachers' ideals and the realities of school life. Through the compelling stories of four teachers, she reveals how teacher educators can help new teachers articulate, develop, and sustain their visions and assist them as they navigate the gap between their visions and their daily work. She shows us how vision can...

Скачать Total English Intermediate CD-ROM бесплатно

Total English Intermediate CD-ROM
Программа, сопровождающая учебник Total English уровня Intermediate.

The workbook CD-ROM provides extra support for students who miss lessons. In addition to the recorded material from the workbooks, the workbook CD-ROMs feature ‘catch-up’ material related to the key grammar areas.

Скачать Tree or Three? (2nd ed.) бесплатно

Tree or Three? (2nd ed.)
This fully-revised edition of the classic elementary pronunciation course is now accompanied by 3 Audio CDs and is suitable for both self-study and classroom use.

Курс по произношению начального уровня, второе издание, дополненное 3 CD дисками.

Скачать Be Mine бесплатно

Be Mine
Get ready for Valentine's Day by looking closely at each gorgeous page, filled with roses, candy and other lovely treats to find the hidden surprises! Then press each lovely valentine to send to someone special or collect to decorate your home.

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Скачать Project Plus Student's Book бесплатно

Project Plus Student's Book
Project Plus, is a revision level with the emphasis on skills extension, in particular reading and speaking.

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Скачать Teachers Leading Change: Doing Research for School Improvement бесплатно

Teachers Leading Change: Doing Research for School Improvement
`This is a book which places teachers at the heart of inquiry for improvement. The realism, experience and optimism of each of the writers, shines through each page of the text. It is a "can-do" book which combines discussion of principles, practices and contexts with practical examples of exercises - recommended reading for those wishing to reflect upon the challenges and joys of engaging in teacher-led change' Christopher Day, Professor of Education and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Teacher and School Development (CRSTD), The University of Nottingham

Скачать How to Read a Paper бесплатно

How to Read a Paper
It is a concise and understandable book covering all that is important for concise critical appraisal of the literature on health and medicine. It is a very good start point for undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to get knowledge about this subject.

Скачать Fairyland 4 Whiteboard Software бесплатно

Fairyland 4 Whiteboard Software
In Fairyland 3 & 4 the pupils are reunited with the magical creatures in the Magic Forest along with a group of four children.

The Pupilґs Book and the Activity Book are designed to be covered in approximately 70 to 80 hours of classroom work