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Скачать Dynamics of Combustion Systems бесплатно

Of prime concern in this book are combustion systems – confined fields of compressible fluids where exothermic processes of combustion take place. Their purpose is to generate motive power. In their course, exothermic energy is created by chemical reaction and deposited in the field, both actions carried out concomitantly and referred to popularly as ’heat release. Particular examples of such systems are cylinders in internal combustion engines, combustors of gas turbines and rockets, as well as explosions engendering blast waves - non-steady flow fields bounded by incident shock fronts that impose on them the constraints of confinement.

Combustion systems are confined fields of compressible fluids where exothermic processes of combustion take place, subject to boundary conditions imposed at its borders. The subject of Dynamics of Combustion Systems is presented in three parts:

Part 1. Exothermicity – considering the thermodynamic effects due to evolution of exothermic energy in a combustion system

Chapter 1. Thermodynamic Aspects
Chapter 2. Evolutionary Aspects
Chapter 3. Heat Transfer Aspects
Chapter 4. Chemical Kinetic Aspects

Part 2. Field– exposing the dynamic properties of flow fields where the exothermic energy is deposited

Chapter 5. Aerodynamic Aspects
Chapter 6. Random Vortex Method
Chapter 7. Gasdynamic Aspects
Chapter 8. Gasdynamic Fronts

Part 3. Explosions – revealing the dynamic features of fields and fronts due to rapid deposition of exothermic energy

Chapter 9. Blast Wave Theory
Chapter 10. Self-Similar Solution
Chapter 11. Phase Space Method
Chapter 12. Detonation



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