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Скачать JANAF Thermochemical Tables. Third Edition. J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data, Vol. 14, Suppl. 1,1985 бесплатно

Recommended temperature-dependent values are provided for chemical thermodynamic properties of inorganic substances and for organic substances containing only one or two carbon atoms. These tables cover the thermodynamic properties over a wide temperature range with single-phase and multiphase tables for the crystal, liquid, and ideal gas state. The properties tabulated are heat capacity, entropy, Gibbs energy function, enthalpy, enthalpy of formation, Gibbs energy of formation, and the logarithm of the equilibrium constant for formation of each compound from the elements in their standard reference states. All values are given in SI units and are for a standard-state pressure of 100 000 Pa (1 bar). Each tabulation is accompanied by a critical evaluation of the literature upon which the thermochemical table is based. Literature references are given. This volume is a new collective edition of five previous publications. In it all tabulations have been rewritten in a consistent style. Many, but not all, tabulations have been revised as a result of a reevaluation of the data.



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