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Скачать Combustion. Physical and Chemical Fundamentals, Modeling and Simulation, Experiments, Pollutant Formation 4th Edition бесплатно

This book has evolved from a lecture series (of/. Wa.) on combustion at Stuttgart University. The lectures were intended to provide first-year graduate students (and advanced undergraduates) with a basic background in combustion. Such a course was needed since students of combustion arrive with a wide variety of backgrounds, including physics, physical chemistry, mechanical engineering, computer science and mathematics, aerodynamics, and atmospheric science. After a few years of improving printed matter distributed to the students, the lecture notes have been organized into a book, first in German, and later translated and augmented in an English version.
We intend that the book provides a common basis from which research begins. Thus, the treatment of the many topics is compact with much citation to the research literature and presents numerous exercises. Beyond this, the book expects that combustion engineers and researchers will increasingly rely on mathematical modeling and numerical simulation for guidance toward greater understanding, in general, and, specifically, toward producing combustion devices with ever higher efficiencies and with lower pollutant emissions. Spatially homogeneous combustion and laminar flame computer codes and selected sample data to run them are available on the internet at http://reaflow.iwr.uni-heidelberg.de/software/.
The actual fourth edition presents a completely restructured book: Mathematical formulae and derivations and the space-consuming reaction mechanisms have been removed from the text to appendices, a new chapter has been added to discuss the impact of combustion processes on the earth atmosphere, the chapter on auto-ignition is moved and has been extended to deal with combustion in Otto and Diesel engines, and the chapters on heterogeneous combustion and on soot formation have been heavily revised. The rest of the chapters is polished and extended to account for recent developments and new results.



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